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Hey guys!

Just a little tidbit about me:

I'm an avid romance, cliche, and manga reader

I love all things K-Pop

My favorite color is a deep, Gothic purple

I have an obsession with books...

And a weakness for shoes

I am a huge (elephantine, more like ;D) KISS-ME

Lee Min Ho will one day be my "City Hunter" ( which was the best drama ever)

I love the sound of rain, especially at night

I wish I had wings

Spicy food is what I thrive on

Failure is what I fear

Some of my friends and I have nicknames from the anime "Hetalia"

I am in high school

Cliches in one-shots (or any story, really) make me giddy with happiness

"Xoxluurve" has the best one-shots

Because of stupid people who stupidly commit plagiarism, all my favorite stories are being taken down

I once carved my initials on a pig's heart when I dissected one in biology

Anatomy makes me swoon

Bones and Criminal Minds should continue forever

I desperately wish "We Got Married" was real

My favorite authors are: Sally Gardner, Kristen Cashore, J.K Rowling ( I mean, how can you not?), Ally Carter, Eva Ibbotson, Jessica Day George, Nora Roberts, Melissa De La Cruz, Libba Bray, Sarah Dessen, L.J Smith (all of her books except Vampire Dairies), and...a lot more that I don't remember

Wow...this is a lot more than I originally planned. Eh, the more, the merrier, no?

I originally created this account so I would be able to comment and save my favorite stories, but later on I will be adding some of my own stories. Otherwise, they'll be holed up gloomily in my head. ;D


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