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Hello everyone hope everything is going well.

I was originally on this site under phantombeast, but I wasn't ready for writing just yet so I erased my profile.

After a year of college, and working on wiki's I'm coming back into the game so I hope everyone will enjoy my stories and characters.

Hope my stories are interesting.

Likes: Video games, Anime/Manga, Oldies music(will be a big major involvement for all my characters), and peace.

Dislikes: Chaos, criminals, racism, and drugs.

Wiki's I've worked on: Bleach Fanon, Fairy Tail Fanon, Young Justice Fanon.

Character Bio's for "The Ever-Changing Helix"

Anton Mercer

Age: 19

Sex: Male

Personality: Calming at times with some sarcastic nature thrown in, but becomes angry when people play jokes on him.

Likes: Any form of music with good soundtracks, Jeff Dunham comedies, foods with unique tastes, his grandparents and video games.

Dislikes: Drugs and Alcohol, his parents, bullies, ignorant people, and country music.

Family and Friends: Jacob Mercer(Grandfather), Audrey Mercer(Grandmother), Mondo Diaz(Best-Friend), Jessica Jewel(friend), Ashley Montana(Friend), Paul Mercer(Father), Jenna Mercer(Mother).

Jessica Jewel

Age: 18

Sex: Female

Personality: A very big optimist, always wants to help people who have troubles, and often likes to be the serious type when she needs to be.

Likes: Ice-Cream, watching Burn Notice to pretend she's a secret agent herself, her family and friends, dogs, and chatting with her friends all the time.

Dislikes: Player's, rich snobs, her hair falling out of place, her fancy clothes, and her toes.

Family and Friends: Angel Jewel(Mother), Adam Jewel(Father), Anton Mercer(Friend), Mondo Diaz(Friend), Ashley Montana(Best-Friend).

Mondo Diaz

Age: 18

Sex: Male

Personality: The comedy relief of the group, and often takes things very seriously when he needs too. Always finds ways to crack a joke no matter the situation.

Likes: Girlfriend Ashley, rap music, stock-car races, dancing, and Mexican food.

Dislikes: spiders, tight places, formal clothing, and annoying ringtones.

Family and Friends: Julie Diaz(Mother), Paul Diaz(Father deceased), Martin Diaz(Uncle), Anton Mercer(Best-friend), Jessica Jewel(friend), Ashley Montana(Girlfriend)

Ashley Montana

Age: 18

Sex: Female

Original hometown: Brooklyn, New York City.

Personality: Is the hard headed member of the group, and most likely to get mad in an instant. Although she is very protective when it comes to her friends, and goes out of her to help them anytime.

Likes: Summer time, the beach, martial arts, MTV 2, Chinese food, and enjoys listening to different types of music.

Dislikes: Snooty girls, cold air, the rain, obnoxious guys, and bugs.

Family and Friends: Mondo Diaz(Boyfriend), Anton Mercer(Friend), Jessica Jewel(Best-Friend), Andre Montana(Father), Susan Montana(Mother), Ralph Montana(Little Brother).

Characters of The Scar.

Dominic Arson

BirthdateSeptember 7th

Appearance:Dominic is a young 18 year-old high school male, standing at 5'9 with short straight black hair and dark brown eyes, and having a tanned skin-complexion on his body while showing to have a toned figure from working out at times.

Personality: Mellow and withdrawn, often wanting to keep to himself and his friends, but can often be a jokester and open up with people that he truly trusts. Has rage inside of him and can get extremely mad if pushed too far.

Emily Swanson

Birthdate - January 1st

Appearance: Emily is a young 17 year-old high schooler, standing at 5'6 with long dark-brown hair that reaches past her shoulders along with eyes to math, having a more creamy skin complexion on her body that is toned with exercise she does on occasion. Her breast size is shown to be at a 34-d.

Personality: With her friends, Emily is shown to be quite the passive person, never once keeping anything to herself and always making sure people know what's up, while at times using it to joke around with her friends. Though if push comes to shove, she will never let anyone get away with crap and will take matters into her own hands.

Monica Stone

Birthdate - December 25th

Appearance: Monica is a young 17 year old high school woman, standing just under 5'5 with short light brown hair and

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