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Hello! Thanks for checking out my profile... I am just a guy who like to try all kinds of creative outlets, and writing is something that I get interested in from time to time. So, this is a great way for me to try writing some stories, and have some fun. When I review someone else's work, I tend to get a little overly 'kibitz-y', and start dropping all kinds of ideas that might make the story flow a bit better. I sometimes think to myself, "If this were MY story, I'd..." So, please do not hesitate to politely remind me that it is not my story, hehe.

Anyway, I have written a few short stories that I will be posting here, but most of my experience in writing comes from writing a narrative story line for a number of Fantasy Role Playing Games, that I used to play with some friends, via email. There were times where I was writing the parts for as many as a dozen non-player characters for the actual live players to engage with in the game.

Some of those stories might find their way here. I hope you enjoy them.


Kurt Kyre

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