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Hello there! Welcome to my profile :)

(Sawubona, goeie dag & w'sup!)

A little background information: I'm a female from South Africa, contrary to wherever the auto-detect has placed me.
I've just qualified as a Speech-Language Pathologist, which leaves me little time to do the activities I love. However, if I'm not hidden under a mountain of textbooks and paperwork you can probably find me reading or writing. Other things I enjoy include hiking, riding my zebra, photography and singing horridly in the shower.

I have natural auburn hair, which may explain why so many of my heroines tend to be red-heads... a tenancy I need to put a stop to at some point.

I welcome all constructive criticism on everything I write and will review yours if you review mine :P

Okay, I guess that's it from me. Feel free to contact me if you so desire to, I promise I don't bite.


(Hamba kahle, totsiens & cheerio)


While You Were Dreaming: Seventeen year old Callista Georgiou is just your average teenage girl, however when she starts to have strange dreams after coming into contact with a mysterious guy in a coma things become complicated: especially when she begins to except that he is trying to speak to her through the dreams. NOW AVAILABLE ON DREAME

The Curse of Summer: Cursed to spend most of her life asleep, Alana is doomed to never lead a normal life or experience the normal issues teenagers usually have to endure. That is until Rhett, the neighbour’s delinquent son, makes an appearance. Hate at first sight? I think so... NOW AVAILABLE ON DREAME

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Bound in Blood by Addy96 reviews
75 years ago, the people of the world learned something they wished they hadn't. Supernaturals live among them, vampires, witches, shape shifters, as their neighbors, doctors. They live in peace for 10 years before war breaks out. Now 17 year old Aspen lives in the ruins and she is sold into slavery of a vampire, bound to him by blood. A fate worse than death. Will she survive?
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So, you want to become a beta-reader but don't know how? This guide is just what you need then! In it you will discover how to act, thing and critique like a beta-reader! What more could you want? Please note that this guide was written with humorous intent. No Beta-Readers were killed in the writing of this guide.
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Changeling by Lucky Meryl reviews
A changeling is a human, raised by a troll, fairy, elf, or other magical creature. Since she was four, Lexi was raised by Warren, who she's recently discovered to be a fairy. Now with the help of her new friends Dillon, Roger, and Sven, Lexi will discover more about herself than she thought she could, and who she's been living with for all these years. Please read and Review!
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Two Roads by AvengedtheSinny1
-"Has it ever occurred where you just felt like your heart split into two roads? Where one side told you to hold on and don't let go while the other gnawed and ate at you to continue your life as casually as possible... this is where I stand. In my choice of two roads..."
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The Depths of Lorelei by AvengedtheSinny1 reviews
"Nothing but monsters to the core; nothing but beasts in human form. Never saints to be and only hell to see. That is a demon; the temptation, the want, the lust and the lost. Devouring souls of the broken and the damned; giving them a never ending tortured life in an eternal land."- - Cin.
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A collection of the grammar and editting suggestions that various writers have asked me for over the years. If you have a grammar question, give me a holler!
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Writing What People Want To Read by perverted.intellectual reviews
Tired of your story not getting a lot of reviews or even views? What are you doing wrong? Maybe it's simple as typing 'I suck at summaries lol.' Explores some pitfalls writers have and how they can change. Chap. 14: Angst
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Karina reviews
Karina knew that it wasn't safe to cross the fence, especially since her grandmother had been torn apart by a pack of werewolves. Now, with nothing else to live for and determined to make a difference for those humans who still lived, she crosses the fence once more to tackle the supernaturals who have taken over the world and falls into the arms of the one who will change her life
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