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Hello! Janet Here! Janet Mufasa from fanfiction.net is now doing original fiction stories!

I never really ever succeeded with my attempts to do fiction of my own in the past, and I often get quite embarrassed with my own work after several years or even months...

However I have had a breakthrough and I'm going to test out my skills with a genre I never in hell would have guessed that I would be associated with!!!

I really appreciate and seek critique and feedback on my stuff, but I don't beg for it. I wait for it to come if it does, but I will always if possible reply.

Some things about me in general:

I like writing stories, but I don't actually really write them, I act them out. I'll be walking to school in the mornings (which I can't do any more since graduating) and I'll be sitting there chatting to myself as if it was my characters, and I'll even get caught by people if I'm not careful.

I think up stories and I test out plots before I go to bed, and if it gets me nowhere I tend to stop doing it until I find a new story to dwell on.

The genre I most often use as a consequence of my habits, happen to be based in modern or close to modern times, such as my zombie story which is indefinitely discontinued in progress and will not be uploaded... yet. Maybe.

The genre of my breakthrough story however *crying* Oh my god, why did it have to be FANTASY?

more crying* Now I have to be EXTRA paranoid and careful about acting it out!! It's bad enough already that I write fan fiction and act it out at home... It's already bad enough that I act it out at all XD

Well anyway, wish me luck! I hope I can get somewhere with this.

Here's my interests and hobbies if anyone is interested:

Books read:

Harry Potter, all

A Series of Unfortunate Events, all

Narnia, the Lion, Witch, and Wardrobe one

All of the Anne of Green Gables stuff

All of the Heidi books

Several things that I was forced to read in school, but were worth a read although I have forgotten the titles of most of them

Biographies usually, Geography and world history books, Fairy tales books but especially Hans Christian Andersen and The Brothers Grimm

I think all my recent Disney fanaticism has influenced the fantasy part in my writing direction, but don't worry this story is far from that other than the fact that it's fantasy.

I like cats, and dogs, and other animals in general

I like to eat and watch food get made

I like speaking in other languages including - Spanish, French, Italian, German, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, and anything else I can damn well get my hands on. Not fluently, but saying phrases and interjections. Just randomly, without thinking. It's my fault. I read too much Geography. and History. and Dictionaries of several different origins.

I love looking at clothes and imagining what I could make if I could make clothes.

I draw.

And that is all!!!

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