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Hello peoples! I am Xiang-Junko, though I am not Asian at all. Just love Asian names. Most of my stories will included violence and romance (to an extent.)

I get most of my insperation from anime and my crazy friends. I love supernatural, action, and most stories that involve animals (so I love animals, sue me)

I hope you all like and injoy my stories!

I also have a deviant account: http://bluetigerlightning.deviantart.com/

I hope that soon I will have pictures of the characters up on there

I got the idea from other people to put descriptions of my characters on my profile. So here they are!

Conflictions of a Dead Heart:

Jo Stone:

dark brown hair

bright blue eyes

assassin (obvious for those of you who have read my story)

About 17

Kind of a smart alick (i guess she is, one of my friends says she is abit smart-alicky)

Hate to ask for anyone's help or do anything cowardly

Xander Lunar:

blonde hair

brown eyes

prince (obvious for those of you who have read my story)

about 17

kind of a priss (in the words of one of my friends. If you ask me he's just an over reacter)

best and only friend is Cicero

Cicero Epsinoza:

sandy brown hair

green eyes

stable boy (obvious for those of you who have read my story)

about 15

is a very nice and forgiving person. does not easily hold a grudge

even though he is younger, he feels like he has to protect Xander from danger


Cal Sivad:

auburn hair

blue eyes


about 16

is like Jo's little sister. love's to be with Jo and Vijay no matter what

hate it when people underestimate her because she is smaller than most people

Vijay Trace:

black hair

grayish-blue eyes


about 18

wants to protect Jo even though he knows she is a very tough girl

is very much in love with Jo (will be explained later)

Duke Lunar:

blonde hair

brown eyes


mid to late 30's

love's his son, but will do what's best for the kingdom. even if it's painful

his wife passed away giving birth to Xander. he misses her very much and has a painting of her in his room (sorry I couldn't think of anything else to put)

So my computer is being stupid and won't let me put a line to divide the different parts. So this is the divider. Fabulous ain't it?

So in Conflictions of a Dead Heart they are in a made up country and it needs a name. Here are a few things about the country:

-its an island country

-6 main islands

-thousands of smaller islands that not a lot of people live on

-the name is currently Merrishore

So as you can tell the name is not very good, I don't know how to make a country name that sound like it could be a real country but is obviously fake. When I post Ch.5 it will have that name until I have a better name.

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