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Prophecy-It Begins is backed up on chapters due to my severe writers block. The next one might be out soon, though. It all depends.


Since my brain is always supplying me with new story ideas that I never have time to actually write, here is where I will post the summaries for you to read. Knock yourself out. (Some might get written eventually. It all depends on my schedule this year.)

187 in Homeroom B

I'm not used to being the new student. I was in a joint elementary and middle school and had my social status practically set in stone. But in this new high school I am alone. I suppose its hard to make friends when you're a murder suspect.

The Carrier

All Sara really wanted that rainy fall day was to go home. Really, that's all. But here she was anyway, hiding in a smelly alley from thugs who could run through brick walls. She stared at the strange, lumpy package that girl had given her, wondering why she hadn't just thrown it in the gutter as soon as she touched it.

The Death Gate

Jasmine Heywood lived a perfectly ordinary life for seventeen years, until she was hit by a drunk driver while walking home from the library. In our world she rests in the hospital, trapped in a coma. But only seconds after the collision she woke up somewhere else: the war-torn land of Azuria. The place you can only travel to when you rest on the precipice of death. The place that seems like a dream at first, but quickly morphs into a nightmare under the rule of a tyrant. Jasmine's reality has collapsed, and she is about to learn that once you travel through the Death Gate, very few return . . .

The Raven

What was she supposed to do, after all? She woke up with no memories of herself or the world, sitting thirty feet up a tree, with only an annoying raven to keep her company. Accused of murder, treason to the crown, and no idea whether she was guilty or not . . . what else could she do, but join the Rebellion?

Crumbling Castle

Life was a dream for the Princess Vanessa. A kingdom at peace, subjects who adore her and her family, and all the suitors she could ever ask for. And then in one night, it is all shattered. Now she is a princess on the run, presumed dead, trying to escape the new power taking over the land. Hiding her identity from everyone she meets on the way, her only hope is to try to find the mythical rebellion, people who fight against the new King, and hope they will shelter her. After all, she's a princess. What else could she do but hide?

Wow. I didn't realize how many stories I have in my head . . . Btw, the title 'Crumbling Castle' comes from the AWESOME song of the same name by Krista Branch. Go check it out, so she doesn't sue me. (That title will not stay long. It will be changed!)

General (About Me)

Gender: Female (although if you couldn't figure that out I kind of question your intelligence)

Writing Style: I've been told multiple times that I leave cliffhangers at the end of basically every chapter. Not huge ones, but cliffies none the less. So if you don't like those, just stay away. We won't get along.

Age: Older than 5, younger than 50. Why do you want to know?

Brain Condition: Synesthesia. Seriously, go look it up. It's f*ing cool. (if anyone reading this has synesthesia as well, PM me. I LOVE talking to fellow synesthetes.)

FanFiction: Yes, I write it, though not as frequently as my original stories. I have an account on FictionPress's sister site, My pen name there is hillbillygirl11. I currently have 1 Iron Man story (on hiatus indefinitely), 1 Doctor Who story, and 1 Once Upon a Time story. Check it out, if that's your thing.

That's all folks!

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Prophecy-It Begins reviews
Talitha has lived in the Forest her entire life, and ever since she was old enough to understand one thing has been drilled into her head: stay away from the Elves. The Elves will kill you. And then her entire village is destroyed by them and she is left alone, with only the Elves for company.
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