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Normal people are like bottles of coke. We open it, we drink it.

Some other people are bottles of coke that has been shaken rigorously, inclusive of mentos.

We open it, and it explodes.


A plot is the story's skeleton.

The flesh of the story is how you write the story,

characterization and the climax is how you dress it and all the accessories you put on it,

and your own writing style is your story's fashion sense.


Writing takes away your sanity but you didn't need it anyway


Constantly in motion,

My words cause such a sweet and unthinkable kind of emotion.

Flow as a river does beside its bank, flow like waterfall, or a symphony..

It has never been surer to me, that my words are most beautiful when I let them flow.

- FeatheryFlow

if you took me part

all you would find are words.

no heart or lungs or brain

only thousands of sentences

tangled together in my hair &

woven through my ribcage.


“Don’t cry my friend. Just imagine this:

Even though we don’t know what each other looks like,

Even though we would never be able to pick us out in a crowd,

We will see each other someday. In heaven.

In heaven I believe there will be so much love we will be drowning in it.

Even if I never talk to you again,

remember that our eternal home with god will be our next meeting place.

I find that such a comforting thought.”


Life At Spy Academy by JamieandNatalia reviews
Peter and Ryan hated eachother since 'the incident.' So it was a no-brainer that thier children, Natalia and Zack, would have to hate eachother too. Typical love story? Wrong. Turns out Natalia and Zack are spies, top ranked ones at that. Throw in the two being pushed into a big mission together, best friends, and a trip to Paris? You'll just have to read...
Fiction: Romance - Rated: T - English - Drama/Adventure - Chapters: 3 - Words: 4,200 - Reviews: 3 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 4 - Updated: 5/4/2013 - Published: 1/15/2013
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Sometimes the one you don't give credit for and is always there has a lot to say. Even in your darkest hour
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One is left behind, the other sibling dead. First person POV, just a heads up, this might be really sappy. Keep a box of tissues beside you.
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The wonderful song that only nature can create, is simply put as Nautre's melody. nothing mor nothing less
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Something I wrote that reminded me of one of my best friends.
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Phoenix and i decided to write a poem about dreams, so give us a review and we'll see who's better
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I have no clue how I came up with this, it just happened.
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The wolf
this is a poem about wolves. what they are
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I wrote this when I saw a eagle flying over my head.
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I read a lot of romance books the night I wrote this. It's a poem about
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A lost native american is stranded in Scotland after escaping from English slavers. She sees the scottish clans fighting each other and tries to bring them together to fight the English united.
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I was trying to sleep, after watching the derby and I put myself on the track with the horses, wondering what would it feel like out there
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He's the one for Summer. all of my seasons
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I started thinking what would the seasons be if they were people? So this is Lady Spring
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I here a lot about writer's, but what about the team behind them?
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This is the one that I wrote about the same time as Fox's Song . They both inspired me for my book Indian in Scotland. Read and enjoy! I love reviews. It makes me feel like I'm doing somethings right.
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I wrote this a couple years ago. I hope you like it, I love reviews.
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The Fox's song reviews
This is the poem that got me writing my book Indian in Scotland.
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