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Welcome the community of FF by A Glimpse of Ethereal Blue (me) on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FanfictionByAGlimpseOfEtherealBlue?skip_nax_wizard=true

Join, comment and suggest, share and communicate with me. This will be the most effective way to chat-chat with all of you, my readers!

I invite you in! :)

Okay so there you have it, a little of info about myself!

I'm a certified Biologist and an official MD :) (just recently).

However, I do love writting, as well as reading. I could almost define myself as a "book eater" LOL. Both entertaining & technical.

My favourite genres of everything (literature, movies, etc.) is mainly fiction. Not very fond or pure romances and boring love stories without any essence in particular. For me, a good piece of literature (a fic, a story, whatever it is) has to possess, at some point, something supernatural, or (very) out of the ordinary to grasp my attention. Amazing habilities, weird capacities, bizarre situations, and so on.

I like music of all types, except for those who insult my inner ear. I am very fond of all the Rock, Alternative, the amazing 80's...

One of by passions - writting. Yes, I know, I know, it is (somehow) obvious. I absolutely adore writting the stories my mind create. Fanfic's are just a way of putting some deviant plots with known characters into a .word document and sharing those with the world... well, at least with those who enjoy alternative realities.

Plans for the literary future? Oh, tons of them. I am currently writting an original fiction [VaMpIrE] saga - I am working on book 2 and 1.5 since the first one has been published already. I write in my native language and in English, as well. I have a Book 1 English version, from the POV of another character, in my opinion way more interesting to write because the main character is British, so my mind switches to "English" in an instant. I can only hope to have it done this current year. Besides that entertaining hobbie of mine, I am meddling into the world of Manga drawing art. Well you can blame FF for that to... it is great to create some character art, it is absolutely amazing. Although I am still learning to get the tricks and the "hand" to draw characters with the minimum of elegance and originality.

For more information about myself and/or questions, you may contact me via private messaging. I never leave a message unanswered.

2012 - A little bit more about me... and of what's to come

Well, I'm making updates as things roll on. :D

I started with the ff writting for fun, an experience that apparently came out extremely gratifying. I absolutely love the readers' feedback and the fact they like the stories I write is simply overwhelming.


Dreamcatcher has inspired some readers and reduced me to tears with happyness T_T! Check out Yamilian and CyanDiamondIce deviantart accounts to check on Dreamcatcher fanart!There you have the direct links: and . Recently, PixPix made an incredible piece about Dreamcatcher - find it in .

So, inspired? Give it a try:D

The prizes are posted here as independent stories: Calamitas, Shiro Usagi and Memories Unbound (still unfinished). Feel free to check those out.

My Dart Account link is . Just so that you know*

And lately, Yamilian (Dart user) made a drawing about the end of Dreamcatcher. It's called "Dreams end." Check Yamilian account at Dart (or my account, the drawing is fav'ed.) and you'll see it there. It's amazing. :D

Original Fiction

And, as you all know, I also write original fiction. Well, an official website is at your disposal to check on the book I've written, my current projects and future ones as well.

(UPDATING constantly... please be patient! :D)

Want to become a member but you're kind of lost in there? PM me your e-mail and I'll send an invitation to you:D Then, you can sign in and participate in the forums, blog, comment whatever you want. If you want to comment about the fanfic I write, that's another right place to do it besides ff.net. Sign in, register and check it out and have fun.


My first original book - Isoforma - (Official Edition) is available to buy at the editor's site: .

Soon, it will hit AMAZON!

The book mentioned above is the first one of a dreadful saga and it's available in my native language - for now. I'll allow some chapter demos (in english) for you in my website.

Book Saga Information: The Old World Vampire Series

Book 1 - Isoform (Isoforma) - complete. [In Portuguese. English version: sooner than you might think :) Want a demo? PM me! :)

Book 2 - Between the Sky and the Sea (Entre o Céu e o Mar) - currently in process. [In Portuguese]

I've recently decided to re-write the whole series (in English), mixing perspectives and stuff. Let's see how it works out :)

A demo of some random stuff about the saga can be found here: http://www.fictionpress.com/s/3100443/1/Betrayal and http://www.fictionpress.com/s/3106733/1/Heartbreak-Eternal.

The first 3 chapters from the saga Isoform are NOW available for you to read&review in here : http://www.fictionpress.com/s/3111160/1/ISOFORM-Book1-Old-World-Vampire-Series.

All feedback will be most appreciated! :)


I am preparing 2 novellas in this moment:

- 'Euthanasia' is part of my vamp saga. In fact, it was made out of parts I had to cut to make the first volume. There isa demo piece of this novella in the following link: http://www.fictionpress.com/s/3106733/1/Heartbreak-Eternal

- 'Heavy Whisper' is a sad, disturbing story of a girl with a genetic problem. The first 'part' of this story is already out in Glimpses of Insanity (by Rainstorm Press), but the story there continues. You'll get to know Emma and her difficulties, as she sees everything around her fall apart...

Let the Anthologies begin...

My obsession with writing short-stories found its way. I engaged in applying for Anthology contests and the result indeed surprised me. Want to know more about my recent hobbie? Most of the stuff I write is for charity and for the pleasure of writing. Sharing good, addictive stories with you guys is good enough :D

Publications are being prepared, and I'll update all the information about it in my official website - my PUZZLE PILLOW blog is where I'll be informing you of what's new :)

AND you may add me on facebook (I'll post both in Pt/En) : https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/R-D-Rita-Dinis/235577059829634

You're most welcome to fav, share, comment and LIKE the page :). But please, keep the critics leveled. I will not tolerate random, malicious flaming or rudeness of any kind. The same policy applies to comments on the website. (This facebook page will focus solely on my original pieces. For FF matters, please use the first facebook account mentioned above).

For now,here's a sneak peak of short-stories accepted in the following anthologies:

- Rigorous Mortis - A mortician's tales Anthology [Scarlet River Press]- "The Monarch Butterfly" - Available on AMAZON.

- Fear - An Anthology of Terror and Horror [Crooked Cat Publishing] - "The Surrogate" - Available on AMAZON.

- Bite from the Heart [Rainstorm Press] - "Don't close your eyes" - available on AMAZON.

- Glimpses of Insanity [Rainstorm Press] - "Heavy Whisper" - available on AMAZON.

- Tales of the Undead - Suffer Eternal [Horrified Press] - "The Way of Santiago"

- Hell Whore Anthology [Horrified Press] - "Broken Souls" - available on AMAZON (KINDLE) and Lulu.com (Paperback)

- Dread Time Stories [Alter Press] - "Zomaid: Touched by Death"

- Tales of the Undead - Suffer Eternal Volume 2 [Horrified Press] - "Candy Man"

- Blood and Roses Anthology [SRP] - "Insane Affection"

- Tortured Souls Volume 1 [SRP] - "Emerald Eyes"

And much more to come, hopefully! :D

I'll update my profile as I have something extra (or important) to include here.

If you wish to contact me, you can do so using the PM system.

PS. Sorry if there is any grammar incoherency or something like that... it has an explanation though: english is not my native language. So I hope you can understand that if something weird pops up in the body of the text or... some error. Thanks in advance!

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Maria, uma introvertida estudante num programa de Intercâmbio em Paris. Inexplicáveis acontecimentos que a envolvem num mundo... que parece coexistir com sua própria realidade, personificado pela errática presença do enigmático David. E ele... é mais que um simples humano, fatal como o destino. Os caminhos de ambos cruzam-se... com que objectivo?
Fiction: Young Adult - Rated: T - Portuguese - Supernatural/Romance - Chapters: 11 - Words: 53,153 - Reviews: 13 - Updated: 12/13/2012 - Published: 11/13/2012