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UPDATE!: If You'll Be My Star, I'll Be Your Sky is now going to have more chapters due to lots of views.

Hey! It's VallyDream (Deviant Art). If you found my profile that means that you really love my work, so thanks.

Name: Valerie Emithia Summers

Age: 18 and a bit

Birthdate: 25/12 (Christmas, no joke)

Likes: Chocolate, candy, CSI: Miami, CSI: NY, Bones, Criminal Minds, Reid from Criminal Minds, OC's, Ryan From CSI: Miami, Scream 1, 2, 3, 4

Dislikes: Criminal Intent, South Park, Good Luck Charlie, Carrots, Crappy Nail Polish, Haters

Spoken Languages: English, Sign Language, A Little Bit Of French

Biography: I was raised in Auckland, New Zealand with my mother, father and younger brother who I love dearly. My father was diagnosed with anger issues before I was born and since I was born with bi-polar (rare, but true) I angered him lots and he used to hit me. He told me that every parent did that to there child, so I brushed it. People in school were less then kind, a girl with bruises and a disorder wasn't welcomed into the groups in school. I was an outcast. I found that I had a love for drawing and would draw lots. I loved photography and always was taking photos. When my brother was born, (I was nine) my mother became really depressed because my brother was born deaf, so I know sign language. My father was arrested for family violence when I was ten and everyone in school teased me about and said that I would end up like him. He broke my left arm twice my right leg, and left me with scars for life. Mental and physical. When I was fourteen, the bulling was just so bad that I tried to kill myself. I was then in hospital of an month. My mother let me move to Nelson, were I met my current best friend, Kimmy Valte .My mother, brother and I all had restraining orders against my father and I have never seen him again. I live in a flat in Wellington with my brother and friend, Elle while me and Elle study Photography at Wellington Uni. My brother spends most of this time in a school and when I get home, I spend all my time with him, unless I'm busy..

Poems: I have two so far, both are centered around my emotions and me. I am sorry if you don't like my work, or if you think anything else.

Writing: Poems can be found here, writing: FanFiction - VallyDream -

Heartbeat by Unchained Phoenix reviews
You make me feel alive.
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