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Yooo I'm Niharumari, AKA Niki, Twiggy, Nikimouse, FOOL, and NIKE. (Sad but true..) There's not much to tell about me; I hate write-ups about one's self anyway. So I'll just give you the basics: I'm a not-so-typical high school student/college student. I AM a typical loser jobless teen, a psycotic novelist/hobby writer, band geek, and artist. I love writing. I'll write any genre except paranormal and romance. So far, I've gotten a murder mystery, historical fiction, and thriller under my belt, all of which I hope to upload here.


Since my above write up didn't really make any sense at all, I will expand.
I am forever alone and proud.
I am a homeschooled high schooler who also takes courses at college for credits towards an associates degree. And the sad thing is, I'm only seventeen. (Shocking, I know..)
I am a serious tomboy. Really, I can't stand most females and their "look-at-me-I-wear-makeup-because-I-think-I'm-so-hot" attitudes, among many others, so I hang out with my guy friends.
With that said, I don't hate ALL females and am not some sexist bigot.
I hate math, and math hates me. I love English and English loves... you get the picture.
History rocks too. I am a hardcore history nut. American Revolution for. the. win.
I despise the Civil War - seriously, my revolutionaries fight, bleed, and die to create this country, and you idiots have to go have another war?
My music tastes are scary. Let me rephrase that: they are so diverse, they are scary. I listen to a screwed up plethora of artists ranging from Elton John and Billy Joel to Linkin Park and RevTheory. Yes, I have been told my music tastes are very, very obscure...

Stuff I love
All above mentioned animes/mangas. And NO, I have no set preference for anime over manga...both have their pro's and con's.
Band geek for life, and frickin' proud of it
Drawing, drawing, drawing, in a sketchbook or on my Wacom tablet.
Music: Metallica, Anathema, Dream Theatre, RevTheory, Elton John, Billy Joel, Linkin Park, Breaking Benjamin, Evanescense, Revere, Within Temptation, Nickelback...almost anything rock/alt rock, you name it, I love it.
Huge-arse thunderstorms, heck yeah! Sitting on my roof at night.
People, real or not: Matsuda, House, Roy Mustang, Riza Hawkeye, Ling, Liam Neeson, George Washington, Lafayette (that French kid, the REAL one, foo's, NOT that gay black vampire thing from True Blood or whatever it's called!), my brothers, my totally awesome troll-of-a-friend, Greg who's always so lovably horrible to me, but always there for me. My penpal, Vana. My other frickin' awesome friend, Johnnyboy, seriously the kindest person I've ever met, but who still has his "troll moments."

Stuff I don't love:
Excessive cursing, conformity, idiots who claim they're absolutely in love in high school or lower, people who act like they need a boy/girlfriend.
Anyone religeous who shoves it down someone's throat, turns them off, and gives Christians a bad name, teenage boys who think they're all that, flirts, kids that text all the time, Naruto, the DURNED Hunger Games, and TWILIGHT and all their psychotic fans. Blind followers of a crowd, intensely popular music or movies, people who want to straight hair if they have curly, want to be short instead of get my point.
Losers who matchmake everyone. Always. NOOBS who tease others about "how perfect you two are for each other", who make kissy faces at them, and call the girl by the guy's last name.
People who make stuff (like the above-written..) frickin' awkward! Seriously, I am coming for you.

Well, I guess if all the above hasn't made you hate me yet...feel free to drop me a line. Whatever; peace out, cronies. \/

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