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Okay, so... Hi. I'm peaches2217 from FanFiction, if anyone happens to recognize me (which I REALLY doubt is the case here XD). I actually FINALLY got around to making a FP account because I actually have characters I'd like to use in stories! *balloons*

NOW FOR ZE INTRODUCTION OF ZE POINTLESS CHARACTER PROFILES. (Because trying to fit it all into the series I have planned would be sorta dull and... Repitionous? Is that even a word? Well it is now...)


Ms. Aviere's School for Young Ladies


Peaches - 15 years old. A transfer from the Everdell Home for Girls, Peaches is very cheerful, childish, and kind. Despite warnings from Tāhī, she believes that there's a little bit of good in everyone... But, of course, if you make her mad, she might forget that part of her philosophy just long enough to beat you up. (And did I mention she has a bit of a short fuse?) Though not related by birth, she considers Tāhī to be her big sister, going to the extent of often forcing the slightly awkward girl to participate in crazy, outlandish activities with her.

Tāhī - 15 years old. A transfer from the Everdell Home for Girls as well, Tāhī is reserved, meek, and protective of those she loves (particularly of Peaches). While a very deep and intelligent thinker, she never really displays much emotion to anyone but Peaches or Headmistress Aviere. She is strongly rooted in the Christian faith, thanks to (although more-so than, really) Peaches. Also, she seems more aware of a darker side of the world and humanity in general than her counterpart, and is often agitated by her lighthearted naïvety, but nonetheless cares deeply for her. (In contrast to this darker personality, she has quite a fondness for pandas.)

Krystal - 13 years old. The youngest girl at the school, Krystal is a hyperactive otaku (Japanese fangeek), as well as one of Peaches' closest friends. To an extent, she's what one could truly call a fiery redhead, often shouting when she's excited, nervous, or just making conversation, and threatening violence whenever offended or threatened. Krystal also has trouble sorting fact from fiction (even sometimes calling the twins "Mary Worshipers" due to their Catholic beliefs). She often dresses as a racoon princess warrior ninja, and will usually say "Ushi ga kakkoi!" when extremely excited, although she still has no idea what that even means.

Aesta - 14 years old. A close friend of Tāhī's, Aesta is a laid-back flower child, still somewhat stuck in the 60's. Mellow and peace-loving, she often has to act as the peacemaker in tense situations, particularly in situations involving a very pissed-off Krystal or Peaches. She tends to be hard to understand, as she uses much "hippie" lingo in her common speech. Considering her heavy hippie-ish influences, one real question remains: Has she ever smoked hemp? ...Probably.

Amy - 15 years old. A transfer student from Paris, Amy is gorgeous, but quite stuck-up. Despite her "holier-than-thou"-esq attitude, she is undeniably perhaps the greatest musician at the school... And she doesn't let anyone forget it. While being fluent in the English language, she still slips up from time to time, becoming angry at anyone who corrects her and demanding to hear them speak better French.

Rainy - 15 years old. Amy's twin sister, Rainy is still stuck-up, yet a bit more optimistic and down-to-earth than her sister. Even though she's perhaps a tad more , she has shown to hold significant amounts knowledge over Amy, being the better of the two in most subjects, particularily the English language. She never really showcases this knowledge, however, since Amy is technically the boss of the two and prefers to be seen as such.


Headmistress Aviere - Age unknown, though probably somewhere between 40 and 60. H.M. Aviere is a very generous and kind lady, acting as a mother figure to Tāhī and as a partial caretaker to all of the students. She is (needless to say) the headmaster and owner of the school (hence the name Ms. Aviere's School for Young Ladies).

Rita - 15 years old. Perhaps the most in-touch with members of the male species (probably due to the fact that she's somewhat of a slut).

Virginia - 17 years old. Though very pretty and girly-looking, she makes the fact that she wants to be a boy quite clear.

Moku - 15 years old. A very talented dancer with less self confidence than she probably needs.

Kay - 16 years old. Kay is very educated in the medical field.

Lexas - 14 years old. A lazy, irresponsible girl, but a very good storyteller. (After all, how else is she supposed to talk people into "loaning" money to her?)

Anelei - 15 years old. Curly-headed and flirtatious, she very well might be a lesbian.

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