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Hullo, I am a lazy writer. I write a lot - mostly snippets of potential first chapters of 'maybe-some-other-time' stories. I've never gotten too deep into the plot of any of my scribblings. I have ideas (oh, do I ever), but I suffer from some serious commitment issues and have trouble writing myself out of plot holes and/or inconsistencies. I enjoy reading, writing, drawing, mentally whinging about how my back hurts when I sit in the computer chair, dicking around on the internet, and sleeping. Yummy sleep.

Like most people, I'm just like everybody else, and at the same time, like no one else at all. Every idea is a good idea if it's carried out properly. I like space. And bees. And Space Bees. And cows from mars. I also like demons, centaurs, zombies, rainbows, vomit, and coca-cola. Yup.

I doubt many people actually care about this, but if you've read this far - you probably do. :) You just made my day, even if I don't know it. Yes, you has dat powasz.

My currents W.I.P.s and potential stories:

Scumbag Detectives: Yes, yes - Victorian and Cameron are like Sherlock and John. Shaddup, like you're completely original. Sheesh, some people. I like Sherlock Holmes. I like detectives in general! Detectives and their adorable little helpers. So I made my own crime story, about a good-for-nothing human beling sleuth who goes by his surname: Victorian. And a stocky cop who'd rather be in a courtroom: Cameron Guy. I'm currently working on their first case: Family Matters. I know how it's solved, how it ends, and kinda how I wanna start the next chapter of their lives, but... ergh... can't... commit...

Heroes of Questionable Methods: Wherever did the cats come from? MY ASS. Yes, this is a story about the Shadows (demons) growing uncontrollable, so the Council (which consists of three cats) hunt down a Hero to save their race and, potentially, the dimension. Only their Hero is a kleptomaniac, sociopathic, OCD, bipolar compulsive liar: Percy Graves. He fights against the Darkness with, big surprise, questionable methods! Basically, the moral of this story is that sometimes the ends justify the means, and that not only the morally superior can be the heroes. I actually quite like this one, and would like to pick my ass up off the floor real soon.

The Darkest Kind of Magic: There's a theme in my work, it seems: protagonists with less than stellar morals. In this one, Orville Stones begins attending the magical academy of Magi Willis, a widely-known and respected wizard. Orville is a compulsive liar with some psychotic tendencies. He practices the illegal Art of Necromancy to use the reanimated corpses of his schoolmates to do his bidding. He is deceitful and pretty much devoid of humanity, for all except his dear mum. She, his mother, is taken hostage by the evil Necromancer, and poor Orville has to save her. I started a chapter, and might post it soon, but...

Revolutionary Revelations: A story inspired by and dedicated to my Social Studies teacher, the amazing Mister Wallace. It's about the Loyalist, Fletcher Frost, and a Patriot/slave named Kyal. It's set during the American Revolution in a futuristic, space-agey alternate dimension, with aliens, and zombie-centaurs (because of my sister). Fletcher uncovers a plot to take over the majority of the planet with the help of Kyal, and the two have to save the earth from tyranny. Yay. Crappy title, but a decent one has been eluding me for months. Yes. That's how long I can sit on ideas if I so wish it.

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Going Through the Motions by MadClaireMaelstrom
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The Darkest Kind of Magic
Orville Stones is a wizard. But not just any wizard - a Necromancer, Practitioner of the Darkest Magic. Luckily, he'd good at keeping secrets. Unluckily, someone out there is very good at finding things out... Eventual boyxboy and boyxgirl. Blood, murder, stuff like that. Also on Figment.
Fiction: Young Adult - Rated: T - English - Fantasy/Crime - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,257 - Published: 4/3
Heroes of Questionable Methods reviews
Percy Graves was merely a teenage pickpocket - until he happened across a dull little paperweight when robbing the McCreevey's home, a paperweight that seems to be following him. Percy is proclaimed the hero, destined to banish darkness from the world forever. But his mentor and accomplice, Tulip the cat, can't help but think his methods... questionable.
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Sam el Podudder the Mudder
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Scumbag Detectives
Cameron Guy is a law-abiding police officer with the desire to be a lawyer. Victorian, a morally questionable sleuth, will simply not allow Cameron to tread such a noble path. He needs a lackey.
Fiction: Young Adult - Rated: T - English - Mystery/Crime - Chapters: 1 - Words: 4,768 - Published: 1/17