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well let me just leave some question and answers here about me so you can know more about myself and what i do

what do I do?

well i just started writing recently, in the background i have many sides, iam an artist, animator, a little bit of a composer, programmer in training XD, and well ofcourse writing. due to those many sides iam often left with the decision 'which one should i prioritize' well for most cases i choose my artist side since its my best side and with that you can see me at deviant art with the. ()

why do I write?

well i only did write a month ago and made a significant first story which i entitled as "a new legend awakes" which i'll rename in the revision, or upgrade since im going to make it a part of a larger world i entitled as "dracyonar, the dragon world". now to the question, i write to have somewhat a way or recording my imagination since i dont want to forget about them like i had for many ideas i once thought of. or if i'll put it in another way it would be 'a way to vent out my ideas'

how do I write?

well to most writers i guess you think and plan your stories thoroughly but for me, i write on the spot (mostly). well aside from the intro and ending which should really be planned, everything in between are added when i come across them, my imagination flows so fast that yeah having writing as a form of venting it out was quite useful as drawing it would take me months or years, or longer if i animate it. i just think of a situation and find an event that would make it possible. as an example, my original plan for a new legend awakes was for it to have only 5 short chapters, but as i wrote i never really expected it to reach 18ch's. i write too fast that i frequently end up having plot holes in my chapters which are not good right? so therefore i always make changes to them. if i could get the inspiration i could bring up dracyonar from 20k words to a 100k but its still short since it contains 2 books at this time (but im working on book 3 and possibilities of a 4th and 5th book and aslo a posibility of a seperate serie). but im happy about it nonetheless

That's all you need to know about me for now.

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