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Hey, my name is Igilix (formerly Henryjh98), but you can just call me Henry. ;) I'm 15 years old, I love to write, and I aspire to be a professional writer when I grow up. I have many ideas for stories, too many, in fact. I often jump around from idea to idea and many of those ideas get left behind. I'll try and only post stories I think will be successful on here.

Currently, I am writing one story and posting it here on FP.

People of the Forest:

Fahn's a regular teenage boy until his parents are killed in a tragic fire. With nowhere else to go, Fahn is forced to move down with his Aunt Mable deep in Scott County, Virginia. He joins her on her southern property. At first, it all seems normal. But once he starts finding large bugs that resemble...humans, things start to get a little strange.

Managing to catch one of these bugs, Fahn discovers that it is in fact a tiny person scarcely three inches tall. He waits to tell his aunt, but the creature escapes and all proof of their existence vanishes. A massive storm arrives the next day and Fahn has to rush out side to tie something down so it isn't destroyed in the storm. But he doesn't come back.

Morphed down to the size of these strange, tiny men, Fahn delves into a world completely alien to his own, a world in which everything is a hundred times larger. That means most things are a hundred times more dangerous. He gets rescued from a tribe of people called the Arbolians and they take him in as one of their own.

As Fahn adapts to this new life, this new world, a terrible danger is revealed, something that not only threatens to destroy the Arbolians, but all of the Alitura. He must help them fight off this evil power...or die alongside his new allies.


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