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Hel-lo, universe!

Clearly, my name is Justmeagain123, but you can call me JAm, JAmmy or Jammy Dodger. The last two, however, are used at your own risk- No, I'm not too much of a fan of being named after a biscuit. I just KNOW I can't do so much about it XP

As has been accidentally displayed, I like to use smileys. I like 'em a LOT. It's a terrible habit and one I need to get out of, but there you go- smileys are my minions! Now that's outta the way, I'll just take a little look around and see what I'm willing to mention...

First off, I AM IMMORTAL! ...until the day I die, of course! No, it's not very dramatic, I know. Second, my lifelong dream is to become an author and I'm currently working on cowriting a book with my best friend. Yes, we both firmly believe that we can get published and unfortunately, are prone to getting sidetracked thinking about when that'll happen. (we also have three notebooks filled with various bits and bobs to go with this little project of ours.)
Also, I am crazy about notebooks. Yes, I know, I sound kinda typical for the kind of person I clearly am, but there you go. Nothing I can or want to change there. Well, USUALLY I don't want to change.
My appearance and age are both top secret, seeing as I've borrowed my friend's sense of paranoia... I'm slowly running out of things to say...
So I'll shut up soon. All that's really important is that I have a FanFiction.net account under the same name as I do on here.

I love to write - writing is what I do, have done for years and will always continue to do whenever I have the time. I should tell you - I'm just a young teen crazy enough to believe that one day I can change the world. People who think they can are insane, absolutely crazy.
But don't mock them, because it's always us, these people who're crazy enough to think they CAN make a change- it's always these people who DO.

Thank you. Thank you and good night!


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