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Tierney (Tia) Bircumshaw - My Name :3

This Isn't My First Time On One A Writing Site, I Used For Three Years Writing Under The Pen Name KidxMaka4eva Writing Fanfictions For Soul Eater Couples Death The Kid And Maka Albarn. Any Who Are Interested I Will Link My Page Below. I Wish To Write For A Living And Some Time Next Year I Hope To Get My Book (That I'm Working On Now) Published On Amazon Kindle. *Fingers Crossed.*

Fanfcition -

Books That Interest Me.

The Shiver Trilogy - Maggie Stiefvater. (Favourite Books/Author)
Lament And Ballad - Maggie Stiefvater.
The Scorpio Races - Maggie Stiefvater.
The Raven Boys - Maggie Stiefvater.
The Gallagher Girls Books - Ally Carter.
Blood Magic - Tessa Gratton.
Dead Beautiful - Yvonne Woon.
Mortal Kiss - Alice Moss.
You Against Me - Jenny Downham.
Beautiful Dead Books - Eden Maguire.
Divine Freaks - Fiona Dunbar.

I've Read More Books But Those Are Mainly My Favourites :D


The Book I'm Writing At The Moment Is About Wolves, (Favourite Animal) Maggie Stiefvater Inspired Me To Write About Stuff That Fascinates Me. The Moon Is Also Something That I Find Completely Breath Taking, The Whole Sky And Universe Itself Is Just Simply Magnificent.
So Of Course, My Story Involves Both Wolves And The Moon. Altogether It's A Romance Novel. I Have A Thing For Writing Romance, It's Something I'd Say I'm Good At.
I Say All This Now But Then It Turns Out That I Never Make It Far As An Author, Well It Can't Hurt It Trying :') If I Do Make It Far, I Do Hope That It Can Be Turned Into A Movie. It Is Something I Fan Girl About. (Yes, I Did Say Fan Girl.) I Have This Thought Of It Being Rated 15/18, Blood Everywhere :') Haha, I'm Actually Only 14, But A Girl Can Dream :D
If You're Wondering Why Every First Letter Of A Word Is Capitalized, It Is A Very bad Habbit, As Well As Biting My Thumbs. I Am A Very Childish Person! =.=

I Would Upload My Story But Due To Copyright I Don't Really Think It's A Good Idea, So I Will Leave You With This To Keep In Mind Whether You Think It Will Be A Good Story Or Not (':


I dug my nails into his back, gripping at his soft grey shirt ever so slightly – holding on for dear life as he walked between the trees into the forest, still holding a tight arm around my waist as I remained flung over his broad shoulder.
His black hair stroked at the back of his neck, bits spiking up in every direction from where he had slept his ruff nights, sprawled out across the forest floor. I brushed at my cheek, tickling at my skin like a hundred feathers dancing as they fell from the sky.
His shoulders bobbed up and down with each step that he took, and I couldn’t help but stare down and watch as his legs brushed swiftly against each other, again, again, and again. So strong but yet so subtle.
“Everyone will look for me.” I ran my finger up his spine. “When they find you, you’ll be screwed.”
I felt his body tense up beneath me. “I’m already screwed…”
My ears perked up like a hawk. “What?”
And once again; there was silence.

The wind blew hard against his body, trying to force him back through the forest, but no matter how hard it pushed, Josh wasn’t going to give in.
The moon stood high in the sky as we were low on the ground. It stared down on us, mocking our every step.
I shivered; clutching onto Josh’s hand never wanting to let go, lacing his fingers with my own.
By this time he had finally gave in and put me back on the ground but he held my hand tightly, making sure I wasn’t going to run off.
The nipped against the back of my neck.
I bit my tongue. “I-I’m so cold…”
“Sorry.” He shrugged. “This isn’t one of those lovey-dovey moments when I have a jacket.”
I frowned. “Even if you did I wouldn’t wear it.”
“Really?” He smiled widely. “You want to freeze?”
“Well…” I shivered. “It’s not like I have a choice.”
Grabbing hold of my forearm he pulled me from beside him turning me round to catch a glimpse of his beautiful pale brown eyed face, but before I could stare at him fully my body was crushed against his, feeling the warmth of his skin beneath his clothes.
My cheeks flushed red. “What are you-?”
“A wolf’s body is naturally warm.” I felt the weight of his chin being placed on top of my head.
My eyes watered with happiness as I snuggled closer into his chest. “So… warm.”
“Come…” His fingers twined themselves with mine once again. “We need to keep moving.”
That’s when I remembered every word that he had spoke to me just the day before, it all suddenly came rushing back.
I stepped away from him, dropping his hand. “Wasn’t it you that had forced me to go home when I ran away.”
“Yes, it was.” He stared at me; confused.
I nodded. “You said my family were distraught, don’t you think that maybe they’d feel the same way if I were to go missing once again.”
His lips parted, his breath floating away in front of him. Completely speechless as he remembered the words that past his lips twenty-four hours ago.
“But…” He hesitated. “That’s different, you ran away on your own will.”
“I’m sure they’d still be completely devastated that their only child went missing.
His hand was wrapped tight around my wrist. “Don’t go.”
Stunned. I was stunned as I watched his teary eyes light up as he stepped into the moonlight that beamed from the sky, moving swiftly past the treetops.
It all happened so fast.
“Please!” He exclaimed, falling to his knees. “Don’t go!”
He pulled me down with him, still holding his grip onto my wrist as tight as he could as the wolf inside him turned and howled trying to rip its way out from beneath his skin. Trying to change him.
He threw himself back, dropping my wrist and falling to the ground behind him tossing and turning clutching his stomach in pain trying as hard as he ever possibly could to fight it, but it was so much stronger than him.
My heart was beating so fast in my chest as I watched him changing, just like the night that I had first seen him: spinning, crying, screaming. And I couldn’t do anything to stop it.
He screamed as loud as anything I had ever heard. Such a death-like sound that pierced my ears as it echoed through the night.
His eyes opened. “Run. You can’t see me like this!”
Suddenly, as I stared into his brown dazzling eyes every bone in my body unfroze. “No! I’ll stay with you!”
I dove forward, throwing myself on top of him pinning him down, gripping hold of his arms and throwing them down beside him trying to stop him from turning.
“I won’t let you change!” I screamed as he tried to throw me off. “I’m not strong but I promise I’ll protect you!”
And as fast as the speed of light I flew backwards as I was thrown from on top of him, falling up against a tree trunk and smashing my head against it as I watched him dart off deeper into the forest.
He scratched his fingers against the bark on each tree as he ran past it, pushing down hard slicing his fingertips not caring as the blood came gushing through the open wound.
I felt my head moving slowly from left to right as I saw the forest around me spinning ever so slightly. I tried to follow it but my head fell against the tree once again.
Slowly I pushed myself up off of the ground almost tumbling to the floor as I stood, completely straightening my legs.
Faintly I heard the sounds of breaking bones just beyond me, the sound of a boy gasping for breath after each break and after hearing those sounds I couldn’t stop myself from running towards it.
“Josh!” I yelled. “I’m coming Josh!”
My legs hit each other as I hesitated to take each step, wanting to move as fast as I could but forcing myself to stop, feeling in my gut that I was scared.
I could hear his footsteps in front of me, running as fast as he could, still hitting each tree as he ran past it, scratching up his hands completely. It wasn’t hard to tell which direction he went in with the splatters of blood covering the trees.
I fell down; falling flat on my front, cutting up my face as it smashed against the forest floor.
My cuts stung as the salty tears fell from my eyes, rolling into each cut across my cheek then rolling out again.
I lifted my head slowly and as I did it was then that I saw the black furred wolf no more than six meters away from me.
Everything went black.


Enjoy :3

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