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I am only Eighteen years old, so I do apologize for any work that consists of grammatical errors or anything in between.
I'm a new writer and by that I mean I've been writing fanfictions for about three years or so, since the beginning on Freshman year of High School.
Now, I'm more into writing short stories, or just novels. I hope to convert my [Kpop] fan fictions into normal stories to post on here.

Erm, I'm a very awkward person, so if you do decide to contact me, or be my friend, I may be too friendly; Being too friendly tends to freak people out over the internet. But please do not be afraid to review anything or say hi! I'll be here to check in, for I prefer this site to the fanfictions. I'll be reading, hope you'll read mine as well.

May I warn you, I normally don't speak like this online, this is only for profile. I'll be a very, very immature little girl to my online buddies. Haha, you've been warned.

Thanks for reading xx

- Kai Ling