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Hiya!!! :D

Thank you for taking your time to read this. I am very honored for to have taken you time to do such a thing.

I like to think of myself as polite and mannered, but my grammar is pretty bad and I tend to do a lot of errors in my writing, so if you read a comment with errors from me, you now know why.

I like reading and writing, so, here I am. I got in writing after watching a lot of anime, mainly action pack, but can enjoy comedies with a slice of life, (spoiler: I'm in to those type of stories), and ever sine then, I have had a strong love for stories and narrative.

Currently, I am in college, so I don't know how much time I can dedicate myself to my stories, but when I find the time, I'm expected to burn through what I can. Hehe.

My hobbies are writing, drawing, reading, music (more pop and fast pace), fishing, football, soccer, volleyball, jogging, and watching bad movies to laugh at the horrible plot holes.

Favorite Book: I must go old school and say the book that started it all for me, "Green Eggs and Ham"

A Song that I listen to that sets the mood for my story: Nano - Magenta

If anyone who has read my story, my avatar is a picture of one my characters. You can see the full picture here: (DeviantArt)

Thank you again for reading my insignificant profile and I hoped you enjoyed it. ;)


A story with a strong premise will always grab my attention, but I'm not a huge fan of the middle ages, knights, elves, fate, or outer space.

I love reading stories with strong believable female characters. They don't have to be the strongest or most important thing in the world, all they have to do in stories is be relevant and serve a purpose outside being the 'support' or 'love interest'.

Also, I want to read action. I need action and suspense. Tension must be in the air and the action must mean something. Also, first impression are always important. Must hook in someone at the very beginning.


I don't mind reviewing stories, and I will usually find one to read. If you like, I won't mind reading yours and giving my opinion to the story, but in exchange, I ask you to take a glance of mine and give me your opinion. If you really don't mind, I would like to form review friends.

What I'm usually looking at when I read stories are how characters act and what they do within the story. I don't really like passive characters nor do I like normal characters because they are done to often. Granted, this does not mean I hate them, but it just means they will have to be done well for me to like them.

As what was written above alludes to, I like reading action or having things occur, but it only really makes a difference if I see it being part of the main plot. Side stories are good, but my focus is on the main plot and wanting to see how that unfold. Little side battles, I tend to glance over because in my mind, I don't think they will amount to much.

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