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Hey all! Here's a little about me :)

I've been writing for years--ever since I was a little girl. I guess that I've always had the passion to write stories. I would feel like I would actually become one of the characters in my stories, living through hardships, romances, love triangles, wars...whatever it may be. The first story I ever wrote was called Fifi La Rains. It was about a French Poodle being mean to her penguin servant named Beany. Good times :)

Wanna know my age? Okay. It's between 14-114 :D Go ahead, and guess!


My favorite foods are raspberries and cucumbers. I love drinking hot teas (in the flavor of blueberry or peach with a little honey) and I occasionally spoil myself with my favorite soda, which is Mountain Dew.

I love to go on runs with my dog Cali and swim with my brother and sisters.

My favorite movies are the Lord of the Rings, Narnia, Twilight, Harry Potter (all movies of each series, lol) Hunger Games, Tristan and Isolde, The Vow, The Notebook, the Princess Bride (classic!!)...and well, you get the point.

My favorite books are Splendors and Glooms, Gone With The Wind, Little Women, Charlotte's Web, Robin Hood, Sherlock Holmes, Walk Two Moons, White Fang, etc, etc, etc...

TV shows? I'd have to say Nashville, Dallas, America's Got Talent, Family Feud, Glee and Shark Tank. I LOVE NASHVILLE!

Anyways, I love when people review. I don't bite. Reviews are love. Reviews are self-esteem. Reviews are freaking breath for a writer. Gawd. Thanks :)

People to check out:

StattStatt- he's a super sweet guy with one kick ass story! But he's terrible at updating...hehe :) Love him anyhow!

Crimsonrose15- OMG, her story called Nexus is sooooo frickin' amazing! You guys gotta go check it out! Like, now!

Remnants of Syreal- This guy...this is where it is at! His story 'A Second Reality' is so well written that I truly thought that his book was a legit novel.

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