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Yo. I'm a guy who humors himself a writer when he's not busy procrastinating, and destroying his insides with gallons of energy drinks. I've been at this for only a short while, but I think I'm starting to get my bearings. I still need discipline though, so don't be afraid to criticize and mock when necessary.

Please, be harsh with me. :}

Author's Note

About the Vampires in Vigilante...

So Vampires are a big part of Vigilante's world. I guess that isn't too surprising. Most comic books start off on the more science heavy, sci-fi inclined side of fiction, but work their way over to fantasy eventually. And what fantasy lore has infected modern creative writing more than vampires (aside from werewolves I mean)? They're strong, their fast, their sexy, and they invoke all those chemicals teenagers have boiling inside them right when their filling out in certain places. Of course, writers do tend to bend the vampire lore a bit. And by a bit, I mean they put them in a headlock like the Undertaker and squeeze until their pretty, pale heads pop off.

And so we come to vampires in Vigilante. Not only can vampires walk in the daylight, they can make legions of vampire roadies at their leisure, and transform into a swarm of bats whenever they want to go to Starbucks or Hot Topic instead of taking the bus or catching a ride in a friend's old-school Mustang that's been given a feminine name like Patricia or Beyonce or something. Now, bear with me on this. When you're taking a trope as old vampires you've got to find ways to twist it on head. Hell, vampires have been abused so much during this generation alone that child services have needed been called at least thrice. Two of which were for when Stephanie Meyer still held custody.

Anyway! Just comment on how you feel I'm handling vamps in Vigilante, and keep reading! Snuggles and kisses, folks. Snuggles and kisses.

Writer's Advice

The Three Critical Points of Storytelling

  1. Drama: Character drama should naturally find its way into a story if the characters are ripe and well developed. And don't settle for cheap mellow drama. Mellow drama is basically forced character drama when there should be none. Why should character A suddenly hate character B for telling her to be wary of character C when characters A&B have known each other for long enough for something like this to come off as juvenile, and character C has obviously been doing shady shit since the story started. Come on now. A story can be interesting while still being coherent.
  2. Action: This one's a given. Nothing hastens the pace of a narrative better than a good sword fight or shootout. Action isn't a stoic term either. It doesn't always have to involve a fight. In your more drama-driven pieces - your urban romances and what not, an impacting confrontation between two main characters, or a verbal battle in the living room can be considered the action. Action isn't just sparks and explosions; it's any type of vigor one or more of characters brings to a scene.
  3. Comedy: Last but not least. Some of the writers on Fictionpress extremely underestimate the power comedy holds. You want write a story revolving around the angst and discourse of your cast? That's cool. It can be emotionally potent when pulled off right. Still, don't forget behind the angst and stoicism there are other emotions in those people. Don't dedicate an entire chapter to slapstick, but remember that comedic relief is relieving for a reason. Even Hamlet started with a joke.

Latest News

I just put the first chapter of a remake of Vigilante called Vigilante: Redux. I know, I know. My titling skills are still amazing.

Just made a new community known as Feedback Central: Action specifically for action stories. It's all about sharing your stories and reviewing other people's stories so everyone can get better. Kind of like a group weight-lifting class, but without all the sweat or the dry humping. PM if you want to join, just be prepared for honest critique.

New Projects folks. I call it Blitzkrieg Think of it as soccer meets American football meets rugby, and all the players are X-Men. Don't ask, just read.

Considering there is enough blood, sex, and liquor in Mykk & Grejitt for it to have its own booth at the next Twilight convention, I'm thinking of moving its rating from T to M. Comment if you think the change is necessary.

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