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Hola! You can call me Mangalover, Manga, Lover (preferably not used), or ML (that's the name I like to be called). You can really call me ANYTHING, from freak to geek, but nothing terribly rude or profanity. I'm not about to give any examples of THAT. Okay thing to know is that I'm not a boy as my pictures SUGGESTS, okay? There is only 1...well 2, but 1 other gender out there that I am. I'm not transgender or anything like that. >.> ...yes, you've guessed it, I'm female! ROUND OF APPLAUSE!!! YOU GUESSED IT!!!

Here are some questions that I'll answer RIGHT AWAY, so don't ask them.

Why the heck are YOU here?

Cause I wanna write. That's it, don't misunderstand me.

But you suck at writing!!!

Well, don't read it then! I am not a good writer, I ADMIT IT! I probably wrote it all and never read it twice! I have better essays...wanna read 'em? Probably not cause they're booooring school work.

You update too slow, slowpoke!

Cause I got worked to do. It's not like I'm someone who spends all their time on the computer...I'm not THAT geeky! I care about my school, and if you think that reason is stupid... you angered me.

You never reply private messages fast enough...or not at all!!

I'm not THAT fond of private messaging. Please comment on my stories if you have a comment... I check SOMETIMES...but I don't reply ones I feel are mean, offensive, etc.

You said you loved my story in my comment, but I'm not in your favorites!

You have to remind me to ADD you. I forget. Get this: I ONLY COMMENT ON STORIES I ACTUALLY LIKE..well, if I said "good work" or something like that. Most of the stories I comment SHOULD be in my favorites, but I FORGET! Sometimes I even forgot to LOG myself on. I'm pretty slow and stupid in a way. No, you don't need to repeat the word "stupid" in my face.

Can you write me a story? I'll give you a plot.

Okay, I do not write for others unless there is a special situation. Do you have a special situation? Tell me. It can range from: my computer is having some sort of writers block, to I don't have an account and I don't want to create one.

Can I copy your story line for my own story or something?

Sure, but please TELL me who you are. That way I'll know, instead of thinking: "What the heck is THIS?!"

For some of your stories, you just totally stopped updating. Why?

Well, for one, I might have lost interest. I'm writing without any plot, just going along with what I'm thinking...perhaps a slight bit of plot. As you see in Starbeams, what I'm thinking now was different from the beginning. That's why it may cause confusion. When confusion happens, I just stop writing. Another reason is that I might want to write another story. I'm so occupied with the other one I update slower on other ones, perhaps none at all for a few months.

Do you write any oneshots?

Well, the idea I come up with is usually not for a oneshot, but I plan on trying some time.

Why did you put "Cin" in the fairy tail category?

Well... it's been a while since I updated it...right? The idea is that Cin will travel to the Fairy tail world and meet Gray Fullbuster.

What is your favorite anime (s)?

Fairy tail, Katekyo hitman reborn, Code:breaker, Kamisama hajimemashita, Black cat, and D. Gray man. That's only FOR TODAY. It can change.

What about manga?

Oh...hard choice. Overall, I like stories with categories ranging from: romance (KIMI NI TODOKE!!!), shojo/shounen (KAICHOU WA MAID-SAMA, SKIP BEAT, and KATEKYO HITMAN REBORN!!!), fantasy (FAIRY TAIL!!!), supernatural (TOKYO INNOCENT and NOBELSSE!!!) >///

Do you like any books?

YES! Man, another HARD choice! I loved Cinder, Uglies...Eragon was fairly good, so is Inkheart...I used to love Dork Diaries and Diary of the Wimpy Kid. Lol I didn't think Greg was THAT wimpy. Get this: I've never read Harry Potter OR watched all the movies. DON'T HATE ME!!! Too many...I've read and liked FAR to many books.

Have you hated books?

Yes. I can't remember names of ones that I hated so much I just had to put down the book.

... What other questions do you have? Tell me!! :D Ask me!! :D

P.S: Any profanity you say except "this story kicks ass" (okay, that's a swear word too...), I will not reply you. Possibly not talk to you. Please don't be vulgar near me...I dislike people who swears all the time because of this one person in my class. It's scary when he talks like a delinquent all the time. -.- not that he isn't one. I don't know you, since you have pen names and such, but if you're that kind of person, I may have "difficulties" communicating with you.

What I'm saying is, don't talk like a juvenile delinquent.

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