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Hey, SlashDrag0n here! I thought I'd better update my profile since a lot of it is no longer true...
Two series' are now posted! The first is my "Legend" series, which begins with "The Legend of a Fighter" and then moves onto "The Legend of a Traitor". My other series has only one instalment; Nebulae. I posted this because I had written a lot and thought I might as well let people read it, even though I originally said I wouldn't post anything else before finished Legend.

So...little bit about myself. I hope no-one I know manages to identify me from this...

-I'm at Exeter University (Penryn campus) studing Animal Behaviour
-I am the youngest of four sisters, including my twin sister who used to be my editor. However, I got bored of having to ask her to read my stuff, so now she just pints out typos after I've posted them
-I enjoy singing and I'm in a musical theatre group
-I have a multitude of pets: A dog, four cats, three chickens, two axolotls and eight snakes
-The music I listen to tends to only be from musicals, in particular those written, and performed, by Team Starkid. I also have a huge multitude of disney songs on my ipod...

And here's some random facts about Legend, because, you know, why not:

-Mabel is named after my dog. I was thinking about characters while she was on a walk and I told her that if she sat still I'd name the main character after her. And she sat right next to me and was completely silent. And so, Mabel is Mabel!
-Legend was actually a kind of sequel to another story I started writing two years ago. But Legend had an easier writing style because it was first person, so I've focused more on that
If people like the Guardians (Suzume, Hiroki, Kazumi, Takeo and Sachiko) once I've finished Legend, I'll go back to writing my first story which is about them. Although actually I'd go back to writing it anyway...
-I made a sim family of the four main characters and David, kind of for the hell of it, but also because it made me think more about their characters. But then the game broke because my computer ran out of memory...but Jake (who had the insane trait) kept going to school in his formal wear. And in his swimwear. It was a bit weird. He also maxed out the mixology skill which was pretty random...
-A lot of the names from Majikku have a significant meanings. Suzume means 'sparrow', Hiroki means 'big tree', Takeru means 'warrior' and Misaki means 'beautiful blossom'. They are all japanese names and I have an actual list somewhere of their meanings, so if you're curious about the others, just ask!
-Sou's name is someone's name in a manga I was reading when I started writing his character. Emiko's name has a similar origin
-The pronunciation of these names is up to interpretation. I pronounce their names slightly differently every time...
-Legend will probably have five main sections. I've written snippets of each as ideas have come to me, but they'll probably be rewritten when I get to them chronologically

So, I'll see you guys around! Have fun doing whatever you plan to do for the day and keep smiling to those who look less fortunate than you. You can brighten up someone's day extremely easily, so give it a try! But mostly, I hope that the rest of your day goes by with many nice things to remember and with as little pain and hurt as possible. Have a nice day!

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