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Well hello there, fellow citizens of planet Earth!

You can call me Trio. I'm really not up to writing my real name here (I did write it in my FF profile, but that's because it was a few years ago... When my grammar was shit...) but I like the name Trio, it's my username in most of the sites I go to, so deal with it! I'm a high school senior (WOOHOO! Finally! ~see date: September 1st, 2015~), hobbyist writer, Master of the Photoshop (well... kinda) and actress-wannabe. I'm also ADHD. Like, very badly ADHD. I'm also very tired right now (I tend to be most creative at night so I write at night and now I'm really tired, which makes sense since it's two-forty am right now).

My connection to art began with music, actually, but I stopped playing piano around 2008 (I think). Alongside the music was acting, a thing I still do today (I have plans for the future that include going to a performing arts school and teaching that in my high school) and god forbid you make me miss any rehearsal whatsoever. Writing came later. The first thing I ever wrote was a story that later evolved into a whole world of people - originally it was a story about a sixth-grader with a prosthetic arm who's life is crap, and later I found out he is bisexual, his best friends are a genderfluid girl (she uses girl pronouns mostly) with divorced parents, and her father lives in Arizona; a Lithuanian immigrant who lives with his grandmother after his parents ran away; and... some more people. Since then I've been making stories up like crazy and as of today I have over 300 OCs, and a big part of those who are important to me are either 1) not Israeli (see examples: Mirza ~long story~, Sascha, etc), 2) LGBT, 3) have a disability of sorts, or 4) all of the above.

I have a tendency to talk a lot. And I mean, I think I killed Wanda ( /u/652414/ ) temporarily simply because I almost revealed the whole plot of TMB to her in one mail. Yep. This is how much I talk. So if you're up to talk, you've been warned. But PM me anytime! I'm also on DeviantArt (my username there is TrioDownToTwo), so you can message me there. And I promise I'll answer. If everyone checks their mail, sees a ton of messages and gets excited/sees nothing and gets depressed, I'm like, "Ooh! Let's check my messages on DA- Ten. God-fucking-damnit, ten. Messages! I hate you, internet."

And now I feel like I missed something! Oh well. My connection with music brings to that I can't write without a soundtrack. I have multiple soundtracks for some weird stuff I write, like TMB (the first three quarters of that one are very creepy but after Prokofiev's Dance of the Knights it has so many cheerful stuff from Pixar movies soundtracks) and Research, a story I'm working on (it's about the seven deadly sins and four horsemen of the apocalypse) and haven't finished yet, even though it's close in length to chapter three of TMB.

Fernwood Academy by Kerrigas reviews
Imagine a school where your roommate is violently unpredictable, the bullies have wings a tenth the size of their egos, and the school lycanthrope desires nothing more than your head on a platter. Welcome to Fernwood Academy, where the mythological and the magical come to life. m/m slash
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Jonny's life is not what it seems to be. His friends know him to be like them, not really emotionally connected to anyone yet still being everyone's friend; His dad knows he's scared, introverted and just acting his way to popularity. His life may be imperfect, but so is he, so I guess it's fine...? Warnings inside.
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A few queens, even less kings, and one land, watching them all. Not perfectly chronologically set, but it's okay. Pretty much, dark, manipulated and slashed fairy-tales.
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1843, New Hampshire, a house filled with dolls is burnt. 2012, Prof. Agnus Bundy is creating a body for a good yet heartless doll. He's creating a body for Silver Yazmine.
Fiction: Fantasy - Rated: T - English - Humor/Sci-Fi - Chapters: 1 - Words: 422 - Follows: 1 - Published: 1/4/2013
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