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Hello, I love to read and review. I am studying to be a professional editor, so if you hear from me, that is why. I will do my best to give fair and helpful advice (as you are all in a way my homework). If you have any questions, complements, criticisms, or otherwise helpful information, please feel free to contact me. Gratias maximas et boni scribendi!

"If you go deep enough in writing, it will take you everyplace."- Dainin Katagiri Roshi

"The scientist tell us the universe is made up of atoms and molecules; actually, the universe is made up of stories. . ."-Muriel Rukeyser

"As every author-and every reader-knows, writing well is the best trip of them all."-Gore Vidal

"Thoughts disentangle themselves when they pass through fingertips."-Dawson Trotman

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