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Hey guys, I thought it time to update the ol' profile page. So, just a little background; I've been writing for about...three years now? Yeah, that sounds right. Anyway, I love to write, especially fiction. I'm a big fan of thematic tales of loss, tragedy, and all that stuff, so if you read my stuff, be expecting a lot of depressing moments.

About the type of stories I write; I mostly go for the supernatural edge because it provides the most versatility of the characters in my opinion. I love fantasy, unless it's like 700 pages like LotR. So, most of my stuff won't take place in a necessarily realistic setting. Imagine it more like I'm writing a fantasy anime in book form, or probably a better example is of a video game in book form. Star Wars the Force Unleashed, the novelization, is a good example of style I'm trying to base off of.

If you're wondering what type of themes I'm going to be focusing on, well...I'm a teenager and, like it or not, a lot of the things that we think about on anykind of higher level thinking is that of authority. we question authority is what I'm trying to say, and a lot of my works will be focusing on that; be it positive (see Shadow Angel with Aaron) or negative (see the other three) with a simple King or even the gods themselves.

Another theme that I personally like to focus on is the theme of remembrance. Let me explain; being forgotten is the scariest thing in the world to me. the thought that eventually, a hundred years down the line that no one will remember me is terrifying, so I incorporate that into my works, most notably in Shadow Angel on here. So yeah...

I currently have four stories up with one of them having been restarted twice now because it's extremely difficult to write and make believable, but I digress. Here are some more ideas I'm thinking of putting online:

Dawn of Will:

The tale of a thrill-seeker with strange powers; the ability to sustain any kind of damage without a scratch with the cost of sustaining the damage when night falls. With a sentient sword as her companion, she aims to take down a corrupt organization bent on world domination for the sake of...well the fun of it really. However, as more opponents recognize her, she eventually has her past catch up with her, and has to suppress the killer inside of her.

Kishin's Shadow:

A normal boy with a normal life. Well, almost. In his past, Kishin got in a car accident with his sister, which caused her to become mute and then to lose their mother. Afterwards, his brother became estranged from the family for a long time, however, a few years later he invites the both of them on a camping trip in the west. However the farther west they go, the more they hear of natural disaster after natural disaster coming right for them. Soon however, it becomes clear that these disasters aren't natural at all as the disaster in question casts Kishin's shadow across the entire country.

Snowfall Facing The Sun:

A semi-autobiography in a highly romanticized version of the real world. Roxas, the only person with a strange name I might add, retells his life from the day he meets her; the first day of junior high all the way through his old years. Throughout his school life, he meets three others whom he befriends and all of them have their own problems and crises. The boy can only try and help them in any way he can as he struggles throughout his own tragedies.

Don't Do Well Among Walls:

Two gypsies, travelling people, arrive on an uncharted island, excited for adventure. However, adventure find them as they meet two islanders with strange powers; the ability to transform into large, bear-size wolves. Through a cautious introduction, they all befriend each other, with the two gypsies convincing them to go back to the mainland with them. However the two wolves soon realize that the outside world isn't all fun and games as it is filled with betrayal, death, famine, and corruption. Believing that he's the only one who can, one of the righteous islanders vows to change the world for the better, beginning to battle corruption at its very core.

Terminal Ataraxia:

A world where humans aren't the furthest in the evolutionary line; the government has started hunting beings called Zetas after one of them begins to rebel against them. That one person is Starfall, or just Aaron to friends, in his unwavering quest to liberate and set free as many of his people as possible, and there is a difference between the two. Along the way, we learn that the government has their own trump card to combat the new threat.


Cecil has wanted to join one of the Big Four since he was little. The Big Four are guilds tasked with maintaining freedom and justice in the world and each governs an element of the world as well as a section of it. When Cecil approaches the guild designated the Chrysanthemum Guild, or CG, he is met with a mentor with a set of unwelcoming eyes. As he grows as a guild member, he also grows closer to breaking his mentor's shell, and learn a few dark secrets to her attachments.

Dragon Heart:

Nadia has the most boring life in the world; get up go throughout the day, go back to bed, repeat. How dull. As she longs for excitement and a purpose in life, she finds herself colliding with a new world that's been in front of her the whole time, with the collision being instigated by a certain man named Skyler, who introduces her to the world of the Dragonkin, people who have inherited the Dragon Heart which allows them to control the four elements. Follow Nadia and Skyler as they battle against rogues of the Dragonkin and ultimately to defeat the very entity that destroyed the dragons all those ages ago.


A young man doesn't remember much as he awakens, but he remembers one thing; get past the doors. Through seven trials, he must overcome everything that makes him who he is and, perhaps, improves upon him. Follow him through his seven trials and see if you can figure out the secret to the story.

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