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Howdy, there partner! I see you've stumbled upon my profile, there. Hum, well if you’re on here then that must mean you want to get to know me better...alrighty then...I shall get started on telling you all about myself.

What Should You Call Me You Ask?:

For starters my name is Kensli. I am called by many names; Red, Little Red, Sparkit, Rain, Rainy, Wolfy, and other things like that. But please call me’s what I’m called as a boxer and is what my football team calls me.


I love sports, they are my life. I’m a pro surfer, I’m a track star, I’m a football star running back and yes I play for my high school football team...THE BOYS TEAM! I ain’t doin’ that powder-puff crap...that’s for pussies, I’m a ringmaster meaning I whoop butt in boxing, I’m also a swim team star. See, I’ve gotta busy schedule during football season for football practice and games, swimming season for practices and competitions, summer because of surfing, and then all year round because of boxing. Another thing I love most is art, I'm an artist, a writer, and a poet all in one...these are the only ways besides boxing, football, and surfing to let out my feelings and express myself.

Details about Me:

I am a girl...not some "OMG! LIKE TOTALLY!" bitchy, spoiled to the core, braty, valley, prepy, skirt, high heel, well-mannered annoying it? I'm a tomboy, I LOVE dirty bikes, blue jeans, motorcycles, fourwheelers, mudboggin', froggin', huntin', innertubing, river partyin', backroads, partyin', get muddy, wrestling, fighting like a boy, football playin', etc type of don't mess with me. Get it? Got it? Good...let's move on. I have an obsession over wolves and I’ll do anything for them! ANYTHING!!! I love the forest with every fiber of my being! They're my inspiration for my drawings and art. But I am also in love with something else that means more to me then the forest will ever have...and it is the ocean. I absolutely cannot and will not EVER IN A MILLION YEARS live a single day where I cannot see and go to the ocean. I need the correction, I live for the ocean, it’s apart of my life and where I grew up’s where I surf, where I can be me, where I feel like I’m free.

What I like?:

What I like the most is the ocean, the forest, cute boys, true friends, dogs, animals, surfing, drawing, reading, writing, boxing, Captain America(yum), and most importantly WOLVESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!

Favorite Movies:

This may take a while.

Movies with a Series (Which Mean Every Movie in the Series):


*Pirates of the Caribbean

* Spider man (except for the newest one; not that fond of it)

* IronMan


*(regretfully) Twilight

* Cinderella

*and I’ll add more when I think of them

Movies without a Series:




*Robin Hood

*Green Lantern

*The Guardians

*The Fox and the Hound

*Almost ever Disney movie that was made in the 1990’s

*The Nightmare before Christmas

*and I’ll add more when I think of them

Favorite Books:

Again, might take a while. I’m a huge book worm; anything supernatural or mystery, I’ll read it!

Books with a Series (Which Means Every Book in the Series):

*Women of the Otherworld


*House of Night

*Night World

*Septimus Heap
*The Summoning
*(regretfully) Twilight
*and I’ll add more when I think of them

Books without a Series:

* Scarlet (If you haven’t read this but like the Robin Hood stories you must read this book its by A.C. Gaughen. You will love it! I promise!)

*Wolves among Us

*and I’ll add more when I think of them

My Stories:

Circus Life (This is a work in progress) only a prologue and one & a half chapters. If tells a story of a teenage girl named Fallyn Night trying to figure out what she is, why she was turned to this, why he left her, and trying to fit in…with a circus, yes you heard right…the circus. She ran away from home after being bite by this guy…dog…person…thing. But ever since that day extremely strange things have happened to her and she doesn't know what to do and what’s going on or what she’s going to do. This person said he loved her but bite her, turned her into a monster, and promised he’d be back to help her…but so far…she hasn't seen or heard for him in a long time.

Wolf Bite (This is another work in progress) only a prologue and a chapter in process. It tells a story of a girl named Aeri Fall. She is a human teenager who is still trying to figure herself out. She has fallen in love with a boy named Ryan but Ryan is in love with someone else and she is stuck in the friend zone. Well since Aeri knows she can't ever be with him she is trying to move on and find someone else...ans she thinks she is starting to have feelings for someone but she's not entirely sure and his name is Don. Well things start to get turned upside down and one of these boys is the one who turns its upside down and ruins the world she grew up in.

Chronicles of a young Vampire by MsMadMurdock reviews
Alexandra Osborne was your average teenage girl, 'till her life was flipped upside down by a Vampire attack. Now she's trying to live her normal life before she was a Vampire as a Vampire. But will the creatures of the unknown allow her to? "It's only been a few years since that creepy Vampire guy bit me. He told me this would be a better life for me. Better in what way?"
Fiction: Supernatural - Rated: T - English - Supernatural - Chapters: 6 - Words: 4,568 - Reviews: 7 - Favs: 4 - Follows: 6 - Updated: 1/8/2013 - Published: 9/6/2012
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Wolf Bite reviews
Boys are confusing, weird, & mean. Try being in love with one but know that it can never happen cause he loves someone else so you try to move on and finally meet someone else and start to get feelings for him but have him barely give you the time of day and has girls flirting with him all the time, it SUCKS. But yeah, that's my life and its about to get turned upside down by one.
Fiction: Supernatural - Rated: T - English - Drama/Supernatural - Chapters: 4 - Words: 8,727 - Reviews: 3 - Favs: 4 - Follows: 8 - Updated: 12/21/2013 - Published: 2/2/2013
Circus Life reviews
You think it's easy being in the circus? Well ain't nowhere to being easy... especially if you're a teenage female werewolf runaway.
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