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Well hey there unicorn babies!

I'm a young adult from VA USA, and you can probably tell my gender by my profile pic. I'm a blue haired pierced faced little weirdo, so there's that.

I had a story on here, but after a major writer's block, I realized my story sucked. SO! That's now deleted, and I'll be eventually re-making that.

I'll someday get around to writing things on here again! I have some ideas, I just have to actually get them written (.-.) Those will probably be drabbles or something... I really don't know anymore...

My life is getting busier by the day. I'm starting college soon, I just got a job, and I have to help take care of my family... But yeah, writing is fun, and I may get to actually doing that soon!

Meanwhile, check out my links below! I'm kind of fun! [They all have my art minus the fanfiction one]

FanFiction work: http://www.fanfiction.net/u/4416754/JCScannell


Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/jcscannell








If you have any questions, you can PM, or contact me through facebook.