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mmm...m'kay what kind of useles/semi-informative information would you like to know?

I'm 22, am currently attending _ College Majoring in Fiction Writing and Lit and... I hate artifical grape flavored drinks. That crap is just nassty! Yucky.

Did that help?

Probably not. I'll try again.

I'm incredibly sarcastic with a dry wit that can peel paint off the walls. I'm loyal to my friends and family and have a secret dark urge to violently harm anyone who dares to mess with me and mine. (I honestly don't know where I got that bit of evilness from, my Mom is such a peach.) People who aren't friends and family...meh..associates..are niether here nor there.

I love writing and reading so much my eyes hate me beacuse they've gotten so bad and I'm sure my glasses are mocking me too. They tag team me. I had a dream once that my glasses spoke to me from the table. They said in this really cute yet snarky elmo voice, (I was watching him on TV before I snoozed off. Elmo is Awesome! The guy who moves his puppet...not so much. He's in jail now I think, maybe he's out on bail? IdK)

"You know, you'll never get anywhere without me. You think your contacts like you? They HATE you! Thats why they're always dry on your eyes! You'll come crawling back to me, you'll see. When you run into the wall I'll be there. Believe it." Then my eyes started to cry because when they thought about it my contacts did always get dry incredibly fast. Now they knew the reason why.

When I woke up lets just say I questioned my sanity but was even more sure that I was destined to write. Besides the lingering thoughts of my glasses having a big set of kahona's and wanting to tell my eyes to stop being pussies I figured if I'm already wierd, I might as well put it all down on paper. Right?

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Sequel to "Twisted Red String of Fate" - Lucifer and Gabriel come to terms. "I told you I would not lie to you. That vow still stands." He rubbed his lips against her knuckles and kissed each slender finger. "But once you are completely mine I will never let you go. You can try as hard as you like but I will never allow you to leave me."
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