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Hey everyone I decided to update this so here goes. Well I'm just as mad as everI love writing fan fics and I love reading the reviews to see what people like and don't like so I am constantly changing my ideas for my storylines. Just a big thank you to a few people:firstly to my 3 online sisters; Sami thank you for imspiring so many of my chapters, your a darlin and I love ya loads. Chelleyou will always be my lil sis I just hope the Nick/Wayjay things ends soon! and Cez, you're always there for me and I miss you so much when you moved to essex. You mean so much to me darlin you really do. Next I wanna say thanks to Lou for making me realise how horrible lee and ben are (u know its true!). I'd also like to thank Julie and Lizzi.Both of you have given me so many ideas for my fan fics and always give me wonderful advise.thanks to everyone. Big hello out to Jane too, hey babes.