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I currently work in tech support for a global transit company, but have always had a knack for writing. Whether it be pushing out what felt like sub-standard bologna for assignments that the teachers in school often accepted without question, technical writing for work that everyone could actually understand, tutorials for others trying to figure out the logic (or lack thereof) in a design, or just an in-depth analysis of something so that I wouldn't have to answer any questions later... I've just been able to do that sort of thing without much strain.

I read and always have read fantasy/sci-fi and have always wanted to write it. I am not under any illusion that I am actually good at it; after all, the only experience I have with it would be some of my old school assignments. Yes, that was a lame attempt at humor. I most enjoy sarcastic wit, dark humor, and perhaps most of all - when the hero undergoes seemingly excessive mental and physical strain to win the day. The only problem: the few times I've tried to write a short story with something like that, it's turned out badly. By badly, I mean that the main character always turns out to be a prick and I end up killing him off in a rather spectacular way because I hate him too. More often, however, I am just daunted by what it is I want in my story and knowing how much work it will take to get there. It's really about commitment to making something of quality but getting frustrated due to my impatience.

When I write, it's kind of like the same process as when I paint: I just create a few primary details on the canvas and when I am satisfied to their quality, I just fill everything else in. The thing is, though, that filling in the gaps like that when writing can suck - especially when those gaps are as big as the grand canyon. Long, boring expanses of nothingness where it pains me to write as much as it might pain you to read.

I've really had enough of that. Come hell or high water, I'm at least going to make a full effort and commit myself to finishing my outline, making sure that the pieces fit (both forwards and backwards), and that I take my time. The most frustrating thing is when I get home from work and go: would I rather watch the next episode of (insert name of tv show here), or sit down and write? Some days, there is only one option... others neither option seems to fit the bill.

For starters, I am uploading this thing I call "The Cat." It's a short story I wrote without reason or really any one thing to credit for it's existence. I was just at home doing the dishes, and began imagining various things. I don't know how everything started coming together, but I just sat down and wrote it all out. Then I went back and added some detail. Then I went back and re-arranged some things so that there was a clear beginning, middle and end. Then I smoothed it out again. If I end up treating punctuation like a game of pin the tail on the donkey, then I apologize. I only ever used to use punctuation to add pauses or break up ideas. I'm getting better though...

Right now, I am working on two fiction/fantasy/sci-fi stories (still not sure how to classify it as there are clearly sci-fi and fantasy elements in both) - one is kind of my main effort and has restrictions on how the universe behaves, the other one is kind of a spin-off (the same way that 'Jack of all Trades' was technically a spin-off of 'Hercules'... I can't believe I just said that...) but something completely different that I've taken the time to design such that literally anything can happen by nature of the plot. Both have about a dozen ideas of conflicts that arise, but no ideas of how they are resolved. I've begun them both, and am likely going to put the second one up here just because it feels like the more difficult of the two. I've seen some of the comments here - most are about as constructive as mud on a rainy day. Still, there are a few that are helpful and would help me see where people expect and/or want the story to head. Often I have about three paths in my head at any one time, so it is helpful to be able to get input on that as well as the occasional "there was no point to X, what you should have done was Y, though Z would have been interesting too."

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