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Minnasan ni konnichiwa! :) I've been here for more than two months, yet I didn't know what to write here, awkward huh? Well, I really don't know what to say about myself, so I will be using a quiz form to say so Ah, first of all, thanks soo much for even reading stories or this awkward profile haha... Oh, that's a good thing to say, though I type 'haha' I rarely laugh while typing said thing. It's just a habit of mine, I tend to laugh so as to look polite. Okay, who the hell laughs so as to be polite? That must be probably what you're thinking, if not, then think so at least now (I am a mind reader right? sigh) Well, I am a person who is bored with anything 3D. Oh yes baby, I am interested in just 2D, that is only manga and anime! And with that, I just confessed to you that I am an otaku. Now I am rereading what the heck I wrote, and I see that I still did not use the quiz. Whatever, 'cause I finally found a way to start. Okay, back to where I was. As an otaku, I obviously wanted to draw manga, but too bad, I sucked at drawing soo much as 3 panels per page, so I gave it up. And yes, that is why I shifted to writing. Also, I live in Sri Lanka (Have you heard of such a place? If not picture a lil island below India, area is 65,000 sq. km. LOL, I just can't forget the area 'cause I studied it once.)

And so, in this place which most people haven't heard about, there is literally no anime, no manga but just shitty teledramas. If I tell you what the heck they were, I would probably kill myself before finish it. All are soap operas - Yay, bitch slaps! Yay, gun shots! Yay, hospitals and brain injuries! Yay, obviously stupid characters! Yay, stock actors in every single one of them. Now, now *cough* *cough* enough ranting. If you wander why I am telling you all this, then it is because I am an antisocial person. In the sense of a bubbly person who helps and all, but just can't find a good enough friend and doesn't wander out of the classroom. And at that I tell you, I am 15 years old. And I have seen my fair share of personal soap opera (I could probably gag at my own life story) since coming to this country from Italy. Ooh another fact, yes I am a returnee. Lived in Italy for 10 years I think.

Also, I suck at saying NO. Okay that was a random point, but please don't manipulate me. (LOL) What else? Oh, since I live in the middle of what I consider as No-where, none of my *social partners, I refuse to call them friends (Are you thinking I am a terribly lonely person? Well guess what, you're right.) know about anime, so even if I asked them to read my stories, they would probably begin with "How do I read this? And this? That? And this?" and I would take the thing away before I would punch them. Not that they are at fault, but you know. I just can't talk with them about this stuff. Also, during such a time I kept on visiting this site, but was freaking to shy to actually sign up. Well I did, and posted a story you wouldn't see up anymore, because I deleted it, it seriously sucked. After I tried again, and this time got 8 reviews. (I'm in heaven!) So, here I am, like a stalker checking how many views I got whenever I'm free.

Therefore, this lonely person would really like to PM and all, and also if you need a review please tell me, I seriously don't mind. And also, I would love it if you could tell me what you think of my stories. Negative comments are golden (They are coal if they're without any solid reason though...) because that's how I am gonna improve. Also, I will promise, from now onwards, to return reviews to all who review mine. *Solemn Oath* *Solemn music Piippipiii* (That music sucks, I know.)

Ah, about the way I review. The first thing I look for are grammar errors, it's the only thing I'm sound enough to critique on. I would look at the way descriptions are handled next, and tell you if they don't seem to fit or are absent. But know that I myself suck in it. Next I would say what was good? Though I am not very good on praise. Please don't be offended, I mean no harm

And now, for a brief sketch of the stories I am writing/wrote:

1. In Search Of A Heart - Motomeru Kokoro

Haii, this is on a rewriting hiatus. -w-

A girl who lacks a heart, Hikari Yamamoto, moves out of her lonely house, the Yamamoto Manor, to learn more of the world. She enrolls herself at a school away from her home in Hokkaido. At this school, in Tokyo, she is first unable to interact with anyone, since she deems the children to be on an intellectual level much lower than hers. However, during a weird incident, she befriends the girl she thought was the most stupid, Tsunemori Yuu, and finds in her the 'friend' she had always hoped for. However, one evening, they are attacked by strange people. Hikari sees a light in front of her, and upon grabbing it, draws a weapon, called a Soul Stone Breaker...

2. Lockets And Memoirs

Currently my main story, because I'll take ISOAH down as soon as I drop out/ lose in the RAOSC tournament (It's an awesome tourney where 32 writers compete against each other with their own characters. Do check it out)

Ah, I think I'll probably update on Tuesdays. XD

Two lockets. Old and worn out, they hid the past of a love that had ended the glorious era of a land which stretched itself under the seven-coloured sky. The watches each contained no longer moved forward. One's glass frame had even cracked. And yet, those watches were bound to move forward once again, and bring back the splendor of that far away land that was now frozen.

3. A Quest To Paint The World With The Rainbow

I've had this story in my head for about a year, no even more, but just couldn't write it down. I finally did yay!

A lonely girl who wields a cursed power of the Goddess Bae, ends up destroying her world and the flow of time with it. She is left in a black void, with nowhere to go. She calls out for the motherly Goddess, who after who knows how much time, finally reveals herself before the girl. She allows the girl one more chance, sends her back in time. Now, the girl is determined to change her fate for good this time around, and prevent tragedy. However, she is an anomaly, and the real self will go through most of what she has seen. Obviously the real girl will be together with the people of her world, but how can the lonely girl, an anomaly, bear up it all alone? Will she give in to her jealousy, or will she give herself up? Or will she find a way for her to live in this new world somehow?

4. A Lonely Wish To The Stars

This is a one-shot so I don't think I should be spoiling you with a summary. xD Anyway I'd like to know if you could feel the character or if she felt too blank. Because if she did feel blank to you, then I don't think I managed to put in all of the feelings I felt while writing it. Haha.

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