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I haven't been on in a while but I want to get back on this site.

I am 21 years old and enjoy reading and writing supernatural romances. My favorite supernatural species are (in order from most favorite to just favorite) Lycans, Fairies, Gargoyles and Goblins.

Forums I am in:

-On Land or On Sea
-Club Eversong
-Styxxus High
Come join the fun!

When I'm not writing or reading I can be seen playing guitar or going for long walks.

Choose six of your oc's

1. Jayden Povlovsky

2. Liam Black

3. Elvira Black

4. Ervana Hoshi

5. Eve McKinney

6. Fred Winters

1.) 2, 4 and 6 are watching T.V. together. What are they watching? Do they fight for the remote?

Liam sits down on the couch and picks up the remote. He starts channel surfing.

Fred comes in and shakes his head. He looks at the clock on the wall. "Turn to TNT Supernatural is on.

Ervana comes in half way through the show. She grabs the remote from Liam. "Sorry boys but not tonight. I deal with the supernatural world all the time. I'm not watch hot guys make a mockery of it."

Fred cast a nasty glare at her, "I'm second command in hell. I deal with demons on a daily... nightly bases. Turn it back."

Ervana glares back, "Don't make me call your wife, Fredwards."

Fred glares harder, "Don't call me that. My wife doesn't scare me.

Ervana pulls out her phone and starts dialing.

Fred gets up. "Fine, I've seen that episode before anyways." he walks away.

Ervana smiled, "Ooh Face/Off. Do you mind Liam."

Liam quickly shakes his head and looks down at his hands.

Ervana grumbles, "What's your problem?"

2.) 1, 3 and 5 are all locked in a closet together! How did they get in there? What do they do to pass the time until they are rescued?

Eve: "This is a cruel and unusual punishment. Get me out of here! Samuel Black you get me out of here right now. The joke is over. I don't want to be locked in here with my sister and Jayden! They bore me to death."

Elvira: "We are right here and I may look all innocent but I know how to kill you while making it look like an accident."

Jayden: "I have ways of making it look like a suicide."

Eve: "Uh..." Starts pounding on the door, "Samuel Black get me out of here right now! They are starting to scare me!"

3.) 1, 4, and 6 face the Zombie Apocalypse! How did that happen? How will they survive?

Ervana: "Good going Fred. Being the second in command of hell did not give you the right to start the Zombie Apocalypse!" Swings sword and lops of a zombies head.

Fred: "I didn't mean to. It was an accident." He kits a zombie in the head with a bat and starts smashing the skull in.

Jayden: "The only accident I see was your birth." He skillfully stabs a zombie and lops it's head off.

Ervana: Starts laughing, "good one Jayden."

Fred: glares, "The only accident was allowing you to procreate."

Ervana: laughs harder.

4.) Time Anomaly! All the characters have turned back into little children! How do they cope with it?

Jayden: grabs book and starts reading.

Liam: Grabs his play sword and starts attacking Eve with it.

Elvira: "Stop hittin your aunty with that sword wight now Wiam." in cute kid voice with a cute pouty face.

Ervana: giggles and starts doing summersaults.

Eve: "Do what your mommy says or I will kick you and make you cwy Wiam." Ties kicking him.

Fred: Turns into a baby bat and hangs upside down from the ceiling fan.

5.) Flash forward to Collage days! 1, 3, and 5 walk into their class (class choice is whatever you want) but it's full except for 3 seats right next to each other. Do they take the seats? Or do they drop the class?

Jayden sits down in the middle of three seats.

Elvira walks in and smiles, "Yes next to the smartest guy in science class." She mutters happily.

Eve walks in. "Hell no am I sitting next to know-it-all, corrects you all the time, Jayden. Fuck this, I'm going home to sleep. I woke up to early to deal with this shit.' Leaves.

Elvira looks at her watch, "It's three o'clock in the afternoon."

Jayden pats her shoulder, "just leave it be."

6.) All characters go to a random dinner party! How does it go?

Ervana: "I bet Christian would love to see me pouring any alcoholic drink down on my body and lick it up of course" She smiled.

Eve: she sighs, "For god's sake, stop thinking pervert 'bout your husband..! We're in a restaurant!"

Liam: "So... how about those Mets?"

Elvira: starts laughing, "You don't like the Mets, son."

Fred: he growls, "I'd like to shove my fork into Eve's throat..."

Jayden: He shakes his head. "Sometimes you just need to relax a bit, boy. We're in a damn fancy restaurant."

7.) Character 5 wakes up to discover he/she turned into the opposite gender! How will he/she react to this? How will 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6 react?

Elvira, all smiles, "I always wanted a twin brother."

Liam looks confused, "Did Aunt Eve piss off a God again?"

Eve shook her fist at the sky, "It was just a joke Bastet. I swear it!"

Fred, starts laughing and turns to Jayden. He whispers to him, "I did it not your wife."

Jayden cracks a smile, "Good one Fred."

Ervana smiles, "Wow Eve your pretty sexy."

8.) Crossing boundaries! All of your OC's end up in your (the creator's) house! What do you (the creator) do about this?

Me: "Guys.. holy crap.. how--how did you get here?"

Ervana: She tackles me, "Oh My God Sekhmib! I love the hunky man you allowed me to marry. Thank you so much!"

Eve: she roles her eyes, "That's all you can think about isn't it?"

Ervana: stands up, "If your husband was half the man mine is you would be thinking the same thing."

Eve: "Why you little-" tries to attack her.

Elvira: she stands in the way, "Now girls stop that. You all know my husband is the best."

Liam: "Mom?Did you forget I was here?"

Fred: Pats Liams back. "Sorry kiddo but no matter hat you say there's no stopping this."

Jayden: "Hi Sek. Where's your library and can you please make me some tea?"

9.) 4 pauses in front of a door and hear a conversation between 5 and 6. What is the conversation about? How does Character 4 react to it?

Ervana stops as she hears yelling coming from down the hall.

Fred: "I can do it because I am a demon and your just a vampire."

Eve: "Well this vampire can be a real pain in the neck."

Ervana stands and listens to them argue a bit longer. She walks away laughing. "Those two crack me up."

10.) 3 and 4 play a practical joke on 1. What do they do? Do they succeed?

Elvira: "I don't know about this."

Ervana: she starts laughing, "Trust me Jayden will think this is funny."

Elvira: "I don't know, if you mess with his tea he will get really mad."

Ervana: "It's just a little black ink. Harmless... I hope."

Elvira: "You hope?!"

Ervana pours a little in the tea, "Well to late to back down now. Let's give him his tea." She walks into the room. "Here's your tea, J-man."

Jayden looks up from his book and lifts an eyebrow in a disapproving stare, "Thank you."

Elvira looks unsure.

Jayden took a sip, "This taste a little funny."

Ervana tries to hide her smile, "It's probably nothing Jayden."

11.) All the characters get trapped in an underground tunnel! Do they team up to try and escape or try to figure out how go get out on their own?

Eve: "Not his again." she mutters.

Elvira: "Again?!"

Eve: she glares at Fred, "Yes... again." she says through gritted teeth,

Fred: "Hey I'm here too you know. It wasn't me this time."

Eve: "Well I'm not helping you get out."

Fred: he shrugged, "No need." He vanishes and brings everyone but her with.

Liam: "that wasn't nice, funny as hell but not nice."

Elvira: "Liam Black!"

Liam: "Sorry mom."

12.) 2, 4, 5, and 6 end up in the hospital! What happened to get them in there?!

Fred and Eve got into a fight and Liam and Ervana tried to stop them.

13.) 3 and 1 go to visit 2, 4, 5, and 6 in the hospital. Why? And how does the visit go?

Elvira: "If they didn't die I'm going to kill my sister and Fred!"

Jayden: tries to hold her back but there is a lot of strength wrapped up in that slim built woman.

14.) 4 and 2 become curious and sneak into 5's room when he/she's away. What do they find?

Ervana: she opens the door, "Who knew there was a pink and purple loving, frilly little girl deep inside that scary little frame."

Liam: he starts laughing, "I will not let my aunt live this down."

15.) All OC's are playing Smash Bros Brawl. What characters do they play as?

Jayden: "Videogames rot ones mind and makes them do stupid things. I'd rather just read."

Liam : I'm totally gonna be Fox McCloud!

Elvira: "Ooh Ice climbers are cute. So is Kirby. Ooh is Jigglypuff. Oh no I can't decide."

Ervana: "I call Sheik!"

Eve: "My Gandorf is gonna kick everyones ass!"

Fred: "Bowser."

16.) 3 gains supernatural power! What is the power and how do they use it?

Elvira suddenly got the ability to turn invisible. "Now I can keep a proper eye on my children."

17.) It's the Holidays and everyone has a gift under a tree! What did they get?

They got presents.

18.) 5 and 1 get handcuffed together for an entire 24 hours. What happens? Do they even last that long?

Jayden shook his head, "I'm not the one who should be handcuffed to you."

Eve shook her head, "You're playing the character wrong Jayden. Way to ruin what could have been a glorious role play of a Sherrilyn Kenyon book. You suck dude."

Jayden looks at her, "Want to just play cards."

Eve smiles wickedly, "Jayden, I have to pee."

Jayden looks shocked, "Just hold it."

19. All you characters would like to take a moment to say their thoughts about this meme.

Fred: "Eve and I aren't that mean to each other but it sure was fun pretending."

Eve: "Who said anything about pretending?" A playful smirk danced across her face.

Elvira: "Liam your grounded."

Liam: "But mom I didn't do anything wrong!"

Elvira: "You swore so you're grounded."

Ervana: "Wow we are idiots and apparently I'm horny."

Jayden: "Well you are a Succubus."

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