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Salve, My name is Christi and I’m a XIII year old girl. I am proud to be DIFFERENT from our typical teen-ager, as you will see as you read on.

I am proud to be Homeschooled, which was the best thing has ever happened to me; I can read as much History as I want (Roman fanatic right now), I can write novels, I can actually study things I love; like learning to speak Latin and also Cajun-French. A little secret: we do socialize, it’s just most Homeschoolers are shy naturally (like me). I’m a deep rooted Christian and know how to defend my faith (thanks to my mom).

I live on a farm with cattle, and I’m the oldest of three so I have to help my dad a lot (can’t wait till my little brother gets some muscle on his string-bean of arms). I help him put up fences, butcher cows (recently I stabbed myself and got stitches), garden, and I ride horses on the side for fun.

I own a blue roan Appaloosa gelding named Alatus (who is nicknamed Ace) who is obsessed with licking my hand dry. I also have a Dalmatian colored Border-Collie named Indi, and an orange Tabby female with the attitude of a chili pepper (if a vegetable can have personality).

I love to draw. I’ve drawn horses for over four years, and am getting good at people, except my hands, feet, and faces suck.

I’m an avid reader of good books, meaning the stuff everyone is saying is awesome, is really not to me. I like movies that have strong stories, not because they have gore, if that’s all a movie is about, I stop watching it (So yes Gladiator and Black Hawk Down is on my favorite list, also Freedom Writers).I also like Expelled No Intelligence Allowed by Ben Stein (It's a documentary).

When I play games, which is sparingly majority of the time, but sometimes not, I play Mount & Blade and a small bit of Assassin’s Creed 3 (I couldn’t stand Ezio for very long).

The music I listen to may frighten you: I like to listen to Christian Rock, Celtic, and Classical music. My favorite bands are Toby Mac (Unstoppable is awesome), Newsboys, For King & Country, Kari Jobe, Reliant K, Anberlin, Sanctus Real, Sons of Liberty, Sons of Korah, Rick Pino, Brandon Heath, Hawk Nelson, and Audio Adrenalin.

Well that’s about it :) I'm working on a story right now about a Celtic girl and Roman, working on synopsis.