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Disclaimers: Almost all of my content is 18 and up! This being said, I am not your mother, should you choose to read my work being under the age of 18 then I hope you are mature enough to behave like an adult when giving replies. If you are under the age of 18 and you parent or legal guardian catches you, I fully expect you to show them that the work was rated M, and this disclaimer. I will not be polite if I get a message from someone's parent because they were underage and were reading my stuff.

To Moms and Dads who might be looking at my profile because you caught Junior reading my work and got offended by the language, violence and/or sexual content... my apologies if you are offended, but I did put up this disclaimer to be read by anyone reading my work, so if they continued on then it's on their head not mine. I am not their babysitter. If you don't want them accessing this kind of literature, then by please look into buying some cyber nanny programs, as I am sure you don't have the time to read everything they read over their shoulder. My work is intended for an adult audience, I have made no bones about this.

To My Potential Readers: I don't mind CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, please feel free to tell me if you can think of a way for me to make my work better. But do so in a polite manner. I will react badly to flames. I don't go to other people's pages, read their work, and then flame them... no matter how badly written something might be... I ask others to pay me the same courtesy.

If you like what I have written please review and let me know it.

If you hate it, please review (politely) and let me know what you find wrong with my work.

If you have a suggestion of how I can make it better, then by all means, please review and tell me. I will take all advice to heart.. and while I might not make the changes, I always like knowing what people think. But please don't be offended if I don't take your advice.

Also please take note... I do deliberately misspell somethings like instead of vampire I use vampyre (pronounced vompeer), it is to show that these are not the normal Hollywood (or glittery even) type of vampires or even the vampires of legends... they are my own creation and work on my own rules which are reveal throughout the story... so please don't harp on it.

My Influences: I read a lot of supernatural/paranormal romance... So I am inspired a lot by writers like Sherrilyn Kenyon and (back before she went sex crazy) Laurel K. Hamilton.

I am also seriously into horror... I love John Saul, Stephan King, and Dean R. Koontz. You will see influences from all of these writers... so be prepared for serious horror... twisted plots... villains who might not be quite as villainous as they first appear, and friends who betray. Also understand much like King, and Saul... I don't pull my punches... if I can make a reader cringe in horror over something that is seen or that happens to a character... have nightmares... fall in love (at least a little) with the male villains... or sob inconsolably because I killed a character... then I am doing my job. All of the above mentioned authors have done these things to me time and again, and I take that to be a sign of a great writer... if I manage to do this to you... let me know...

for me the biggest compliment I have ever received with a broken sob, calling me a Bitch because I killed off a character... it was also quickly followed by an "I loved it but man I hate you right now".

With any luck I will get that reaction from my readers here.

Please also note in the case of the Nox Chronicles I do actually have a actual filed copyright on the work and yes I can access them so fast I can give you whiplash... so to anyone out there who might intend to plagiarize any of those works... I can and WILL sue you... and no one wants that!

As of this moment I do not have a beta reader so all mistakes are mine. I will find one I am comfortable with in time and then I will list their name up.

My quotes for the moment:

"If something doesn't kill you... it will probably keep trying!" - unknown

"If you love something let it go, if it comes back it's yours... if not hunt it down and remind it why it should be" -all me

"We only hurt the ones we love" - unknown

"Let go and Let God..." - My Mom

“Friends help you move, real friends help you move bodies.” - Unknown

"An eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind." — Mohandas Gandhi

"He who knows does not speak. He who speaks does not know." —Lao-tzu

"Liberty means responsibility, that's why most men dread it!" - George Bernard Shaw

"Real Vampire's don't sparkle... damn it" - Nox (aka Me)

News: I know it's been a while since I put up a new chapter... and while yes in some ways it's easier to rewrite (aka polish up) existing written works, I just have really not felt up to writing recently... I will endeavor to try a little harder from now on. No nothing is on Hiatus... I am not going to stop putting up chapters as the first 2 books (the original versions anyway) are already written... now all bets are off when it comes to the third book in the series... which I have had writer's block on for about 6 years.. I am hoping with the rewrite I am doing of the first 2 books it will spark me to get the third one finished and hopefully the 2 or 3 planned after that to finish up the series. I just ask that you have patience.

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