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I decided to update my bio for no other reason except for the fact that I'm done with homework (actually, I SHOULD be studying algebra...damn the Greeks for inventing it!) and I'm bored. Ssssoooo...yeah, the name's Tiger of the Wind (Yes, the wolf from Monster Rancher) and I'm a freshmen in high school, 15 years old. I've gone by other names, like Sailor Luna and Skye, in case some people know me by those names. I ain't telling you my real name, so deal with it. :-P Heh...sorry...got a little insane. I'll just blame it on Mizzy, my abusive alter ego!
Mizzy: "Dear God, why did you bring me into this!?" ¬_¬+
Yup, that's her! She's my alter ego who abuses me, hence the term 'abusive alter ego'. Now I'm being redundent. Anyway, she likes to pop up in random places, so just ignore her. Oh, and I mustn't over look Bob, my imginary friend!
Bob: "..." *sets himself on fire*
o_0;;;; Uhhh...yeah, that's Bob. He's a idoit...and to answer your question, yes, I am nuts. Just ask TripGirl05, and she will NOT tell you other wise. Anywho, I enjoy anmie, manga, video games, writing (obviously) and drawing (though I suck). I dislike school, but dosen't everyone? Well...no, not really. Some people like school, but that usually means their good at everything, like algebra, which I'm not good at. Sorry, I'm being random. That's me, the Queen of Randomness! XDv Some little things about my original writings...Most, if not all, of my stories will be fantasy/sci fi. I almost always blend the two genres, and use over-used plot lines. (Evil person trying to take over the world, etc.) I try not to and go somewhere differant with my stories, but it happens. =_=; I can't spell and have bad grammer, so forgive me. Try not to shove it in my face, either. Pointing it out dosen't bug me, it's actually helpful, but be NICE about it, people. No one likes a rude person. Me espically. When I write, I like to listen to music to inspire differant scenes. Anime and manga is always a LARGE source of inspiration for me as well, as it'll be plainly obvious in my writings. Well, thanks for reading this pointless thing. Now you know a little (a VERY little) about moi. Oh, and if you come back some time later, I'll have a new quote! ^_^ Until later, Adieu!
"Free puppies:
1/2 cockery spaniel
1/2 sneaky neighbors dog."
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Bushido by Holly-chan reviews
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Fiction: Manga - Rated: T - English - Fantasy/Adventure - Chapters: 15 - Words: 53,281 - Reviews: 43 - Favs: 7 - Updated: 7/21/2004 - Published: 9/2/2001