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Warning: Author is Slightly Off

Brothers Of Brutality Militia

Child of The New Disorder

The Most Eccentric One

My name is Aaron I'm from Baton Rouge, Louisiana USA. I love my city and my state because Louisiana has some of the most interesting land areas from swamps, marshes and lakes. Class of 2K14

I love reading Fictions and since finding enough inspiration I have found the time to write my own. I have many ideas for almost every category but I mainly like writing about the apocalypse, crime, or something I can put a lot of action in. I have a real talent for writing because I have a very deep imagination and I want to thank every one of the people whose stories I follow or favorite for inspiration and helping me let my imagination flow.

Height- 5'2 (Short but Dangerous)

Race- Mixed African American with Jewish German Ancestry

Aaron or Anarchy

Straight Edge Lifestyle

My Loyal Readers/Brothers (Love you guys support and inspiration)


2. The Author Revolutionary

3. Ghost of the Vikings

4. CaptainPrice

Favorite Colors: Black, Red, White, and Grey

Favorite TV Shows or Cartoons

The Walking Dead

Sons of Anarchy


Breaking Bad

Falling Skies

Ed Edd n Eddy

Ben 10

Family Guy


The Simpsons

The Cleveland Show

American Dad

Malcolm in the Middle

South Park

Godzilla the Series

X-Men Evolution

Wolverine and the X-Men

Favorite Movies

Godzilla(Every Single Movie)

Dawn of the Dead

Every Resident Evil Movie


Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Battle: Los Angeles

Black Hawk Down

Saving Private Ryan

The Boondocks Saint


Hunger Games

Favorite Games


All the Call of Duty Games

Grand Theft Auto 5

Farcry 3

The Walking Dead(TellTale Games)

Gears of War

Madden(All of them)

Red Dead Redemption

The Last of Us

Remember Me

I also like the Wrestling, Boxing, and MMA .

How My Brain Works: You see I think this may be common in Fiction but I can make stories while reading another one. What I mean is that I can read a story and if I know and if I read the story to a point where info about the character is reveled more openly I can think of many different ways of how the story could go.

Apocalypse Specialization: I could say that I know how to make a apocalypse stories better than any genre I know since anything can happen in a apocalypse. Stories like these is to me a imagination heaven where you could say this and that cause the world in that story is your sandbox where you can do anything you like and make sense of anything.

My Favorite video games: Truly I am honorably a real gamer, I think. I had almost every game system that was made excepted for the really old ones. My favorite game ever will be the Halo Series. I also like Call of Duty and Battlefield series. But my most favorite of those are Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 a.k.a Modern Warfare 3 a.k.a MW3 and Battlefield 4 a.k.a BF4, The Assassin's Creed Series, Prototype 1 & 2, Forza Motorsport 3 & 4, Gears of War Trilogy, Borderlands 1 & 2.

What Is The New Disorder: The New Disorder was something me and my friends started after always hearing people criticize our generation of youth. They summed us up as being a generation of disrespectful, ignorant, lazy, disorderly, law breaking, low class kids that won't amount to nothing and just live with our parents and do know the value of true hard work. And they always use the phrase "If these are the kids of our future we are in trouble." Naturally we all strongly disagreed with there statement mainly because as kids we follow the somewhat same society they had and we are the product of their Generation and we get worse because they got worse and overtime we realized that we can't change their opinion but we can always accept it and proves them wrong by growing up and making them eat their words but until that day we are The New Generation, we are The Disorder on Society, We Are The New Disorder on the World. Partially named from Charming Liars New Disorder but the song was also a major inspiration to our phrase.

Why Do I Keep Using The Same Characters In All My Stories: I get this question a lot when people look at my stories and this is your answer. I use the same characters because each character have been in my mind since I was young and their personalities stick with them and it also makes describing their appearance easier to those that are familiar with my stories and their personalities always stick with them and make them unique in their own way. Each character has physical and social traits that made them easy for me to draw a mental picture of them but because I can't draw on paper don't expect to see any pictures.

Brothers of the Dead Info: Brothers of the Dead is a series I thought of featuring a group of bikers surviving in a world of the dead. The story is filled with a variety of Zombies that I used from the Resident Evil Series, Left 4 Dead Series, and Dead Space Series. As the story goes from book to book you see an almost change in the genre from Horror, to Sci-Fi, to action, etc. I wanted the story to have a lot of variety so it would appeal to a lot of readers so expect a lot of changes. You'll see that a lot of the characters and their abilities in the series come from a lot of characters from video games, movies, cartoons, and comic books reason for that is because I use them for examples but it also gives reader more feels to who a character is also their appearance.

Brothers of the Dead is full of adventure, horror, comedy, and romance. Its perfect for any zombie fan to me personally. So if you're reading this page I suggest to give it a read and review it and see how good or bad I did.

List of Brothers (Subject to Change)

Mark- Current President of Harvest

Lee- Former Member of China Chapter, Current Sergeant at Arms of Harvest

Mercy- Strike Team Enforcer of Harvest

Trip- Strike Team Enforcer of Harvest

Kozik- Strike Team Enforcer of Harvest

Lorcan-Former President of Harvest

Seth- Harvest Director of Chaos

Ken-Strike Team Leader, Former Sergeant at Arms of Harvest

Mike- Former Sergeant at Arms of Harvest

Chris-Medic of Harvest

Chen-Former Sergeant at Arms of China, Harvest

Wolf-Former Vice President of Harvest, President of Dallas

Bulk-Strike Team Dallas

Skull-Strike Team Dallas

Tucker-Vice President of Corinth

Kevin-Harvest, Strike Team Corinth

Amy-Harvest, Corinth Associate

Tiffany-Harvest Associate

Bradley- Former Sergeant at Arms of Lufkin Sergeant at Arms of Corinth

Armando-President of Lufkin

Grubbs- Vice President of Lufkin




Zero-Harvest, Strike Team Dallas


Renegade Info: The Renegade series came to my mind after playing a lot of Call of Duty, Battlefield, Homefront, and watching a lot of Machinima on Youtube. The story takes place after a new political force (The Party of the New Era) rises to power in America and after increasing its military might and forming a strong alliances with Russia, China, and a newly formed Greater Korean Union form the United World Alliance (UWA) and start a bloody campaign across the globe taking over an country that stands in their way. To fund its war America starts selling its people across the world in an unbreakable human trafficking trade across the world where anyone of any age can be sold for the right price from anything to sex slavery to death matches. With the threat of being sold and having their families ripped away, American's start moving out of the large cities and start living in small rundown neighborhoods off the grid with barely any food or water. After a series of military abuses of power the people of America started fighting back and forming Rebel Cells across America with the hopes of liberating their country. The effects on the country have turned America into a third world country ruled by the military. In order to counter the act the rebels large prisons were built on Ellis Island and Angel Island to hold Rebels, murders, repeat offenders, and those that were taken to be sold. On the verge of a being attacked the European countries, spearheaded by Great Britain, formed the Greater European Union and allied itself with Canada in hopes of slowing down their impending fate. After the fall of the Middle East the British Army creates the Freedom Force Program (FFP). The Program consisted of taking people taken from America training them in various forms of urban and guerrilla warfare and sending them back to America with the hopes of them forming their own Rebel Cells and doing battle with the UWA in hopes of freeing the country.

Renegade is filled with a lot of action, adventure, some comedy, and romance that will come a little later. To me the story is great for people that like war fictions so if you're reading this maybe check it out if you like it.

List of Rebels By Squad

Alpha Squad

Link-Leader Rook

Zach-Second in Command/ Weapons Specialist Jack



Numerous other members

Bravo Squad

Mark- Leader

Jean-Second in Command

Lee- Weapons Specialist


Trip-Marksmen/Sniper Other Members are KIA

Kozik- Recon Specialist

Mandy- Recon Specialist



Charlie Squad

Ryan- Leader

Moon- Second in Command


Miranda- Recon Specialist

Major Recruits

Rook- American Liberation Front Soldier

Jack-War-Machine Driver

Riverway Info: The Riverway series is going to be a four book series, it was inspired by a lot of stories I read about surviving High School and the game Bully. It tells the story of six teens(Mark, Lee, Mercy, Trip, Kozik, and Ryan), after they are kicked out of their old High School after being arrested for their involvement in a violent riot just one week after the first day of school. In order to not do time in prison the boys are sent to a new school in the next state that has a reputation as being one of the best schools in the country, but in reality the school is filled with High School Clich├ęs that operate almost like Gangs (Nerds, Preps, Jocks, Punks, Goths, Wannabes, Bullies). While the town itself is filled with gangs that operate in their own illegal activities Townies, McCoy's, 16th Street Hustlers, and Love Birds). Riverway is the perfect place for troubled youths before they break bad and become common criminals but not a great place for teens that are just trying to keep their heads down and get their diplomas like the most. The story follows the teens as everyday is a fight for their life in the halls of Riverway and teach other kids to stand up for themselves throughout their four years in high school.

Riverway is filled with a lot of action, comedy, romance, friendship, crime, and hurt. The story is almost like an escape for those that think that their High School is hell because some of the stuff that goes on in this school makes prisons look like a daycare.


(School Clique/Street Gang)










Future Works

Anarchist- (In Progress) Tells the story of Travis Nassor the now former Director of the CIA as he meets with a group of kids that are selling the newest drug on the streets and run a billion dollar drug industry under the noses of the Government.

The Age of Fall- (In Progress) After being Cryo-Geneticly froze a High School Science Teacher is awoken 5 years in the future where a new virus and a series of terrorist attacks have left the world divided, without power, and warring with each other. This is the story of how she must survive with a few of her students in one of the worst places to be the American Badlands.

Character Sheet (Main Characters)

Brothers of Brutality

Mark Smith

National President Strike Team Leader Ruthless Dinosaur

Description- African American male with short black hair and brown eyes with a scar going over his left eye and three scars around right side. (Eyes turn red with angry. Hears voice of Prehistoric Dinosaur named Raptor that holds a powerful influence on Mark's decisions and actions.

Age- 24

Height- Always 5'2

Weapons of Choice

Ka-Bar Knife SCAR-H Assault Rifle Glock 23 Sawn-Off Mossberg 500 Shotgun

Abilities (BOD Series)

Highest Level of Regeneration & Healing Afterimage Technique Director Enhanced Human Senses Mana Cannon Transformation/Mutation to Raptor Physical Bond to Ka-Bar Knife and Shield Red Eye allows him to copy the moves of others Slayer Soul

Aura- Dark Red/Bright Orange

As stories change so does Mark's personality and some of his bio.

Brothers of the Dead

Before Outbreak: He was born in and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He moved to Harvest, Texas after his mom became a lawyer in Harvest but over time she became the District Attorney and was known around Texas as one of the most corrupt politicians in 21st century. He attended High School in Harvest and was known around the school as one of the most smarted kids in school because of so he was quickly outcasted by some of the other kids with the exception of his only friend Ann Swans. While their Mark developed a growing crush on one of the most popular girls in school Kim Palmer. Eventhough he was two grades below her Kim used Mark to do her work and pass her way through school and after Ann became pregnant while still in school and the death of his mother, Mark used Kim as a form of belonging. When school ended after helping Kim graduate at the top of her class Mark was brutally attacked by Kim's boyfriend and a group of his friends with a baseball bat that left him brain damaged and an emotionally scarred outcast in Harvest that refused to attend college. Just a year after High School Mark married Irene even though neither loved each other and are always fighting amongst each other. Shortly after marrying Irene Mark reunited with Ann and the two reignited their friendship.

Joining the Brothers (Spoilers): After living through years of his rough marriage and horrible life Mark is approached by the members of mother Chapter of the Brothers of Brutality Motorcycle Club and is recruited to a member of their Strike Team along with Mercy, Lee, Kozik, and Trip. Overtime Mark rises to the ranks until he becomes the national president.

After Outbreak: Mark is the leader of the small group of survivors and over the months helps lead them in battle and with emotional help. He was used to seeing death, charismatic, and intelligent making him the best fit as leader.


Before FFP: Mark was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana but left the city while as an infant to escape being sold. He lived with his grandmother and little sister until with no clue memory of who his parents were. Along with his best friend Lee and a group of other kids Mark protected his neighborhood from the UWA and violent bandits that quickly started to rise outside of the cities. When Mark was 16 years old the UWA came to take his little sister away from him but Mark and Lee quickly got into a melee with the Soldiers as Mark in his rage stabbed one to death, an act that left Mark a targeted person as he entered Ellis Island with a scar over his right eye and his best friend beside him. The first few months were hell for Mark as he was attacked by many kids inside the jail until he and Lee met Mercy, Trip, and Kozik and became close friends with the group as they served their time a lot more smoother.

After FFPMark became a the leader of the rebels second squad and is one of the rebels greatest assests in the war because of his ability to lead, recklessness, and lack of fear.


Before Riverway: Mark grow up in Oaksville, New Hampshire living with his controlling mother and father in one of the roughest neighborhoods in town. While living their Mark developed brotherly bond with Lee, Mercy, Trip, Kozik, and Ryan but unlike them Mark wasn't a fighter because of so Mark was easily targeted and picked on throughout his time in school but wasn't outcasted because of his close friendship with Lee and the others who often took up for him. Just when Mark and the group was finishing up their 8th grade year Mercy and the others were jumped by a rival gang in front of Mark who responded by swallowing his pride and beating up his attackers igniting a small war between the two gangs who fought all against each other all summer long. When school started back the two groups quickly came face to face but both waited until the other made the first move until a week later where members of the rival gang came to school looking for Mark and the others igniting a small riot that left Mark and the others seriously injured and Mark's parents becoming more abusive towards him.

After Riverway: After being sent to Riverway Mark acts as the almost influential leader of the group and is a somewhat feared person at the school along with the other boys.

Mark has a earned a reputation around Riverway as being slightly off especially when he fights. Mark has a very Erratic and Chaotic style off fighting that seems weird to some but is normal to him and he's very smart with that style of fighting. Thanks to Mark's slight training in Mixed Martial Arts, Mark is someone that loves to slam when they fight and but also likes to fight with his fist. Mark is also skilled in the ground and pound and can easily take advantage of a fallen opponent.

Lee Shen

Sergeant at Arms Strike Team Warrior of Brutality

Description- Chinese American male with short black hair with dyed golden highlights and black eyes.

Age- Varies between stories

Height- 24

Weapons of Choice

Katana or Dual Gator Machete's Pro's Tomahawks Kunai Throwing Knives Glock 23 Mini Uzi

Abilities (BOD Series)

Director Physical Bond to Sword Sword Energy Fusion Lightning Control High level of Director Energy

Aura-Light Red

Brothers of the Dead

Before Outbreak:Lee was born in Hong Kong, China. Growing up he had no parents and walked through the doors of many foster homes and various Chinese Gangsters. Through his childhood Lee played the hired gun for many underground figures in China before he caught the attention of the President of the Brothers of Brutality China Chapter who quickly recruited Lee.

Joining the Brothers: After the Chapter Disbanded Lee came to the United States with Chen, Kevin, and Amy to become a member of the mother Chapter only after he served time with the Strike Team. During his time with the Brothers Lee moved up the ranks rather quickly and grew close bonds with Mark, Trip, Mercy, and Kozik and fought along side them up until he was arrested.

After Outbreak: Lee is Mark's most loyalist Brother and one of the most quiet members of the group only speaking to his Brothers and easily distancing himself from the others.


Before FFP:Lee was born in Baton, Rouge Louisiana after his parent moved to the country before the UWA came into power. Lee's family was killed by the UWA when he was very young and grew a strong hatred towards them. Lee then met Mark and the two formed a strong friendship with each other that got them through everything together even going to the Prison on Ellis Island.

After FFP: Lee is Mark's squads weapon specialist and is very skilled in knife fighting and throwing. He even holds many of Mark's stubborn and suicidal traits when going into combat.


Before Riverway: Lee was born in the small town of Oaksville, New Hampshire along with Mark, Mercy, Trip, Kozik, and Ryan. Unlike Mark, Mercy, and Trip though Lee lived in a very wealthy neighborhood just a few blocks from Kozik and Ryan. Lee unlike his parents has quickly dropped his old Chinese ways and has adopted a more American Teenager lifestyle, something that has brought him into a lot of conflict with his parents. Growing up Lee was taught how to fight by his father in order to defend himself on the streets and that has helped Lee in all of his fights through his time at school. After being attacked in the eighth grade Lee like Ryan, Mercy, and Mark were eager to fight the guys that jumped them every chance they got even in a local store. After the riot at their High School Lee's parents weren't as eager to send Lee away to Riverway with the fear that he would lose his traditions even more but they gave in after being threatened with jail they gave in.

After Riverway: After arriving at Riverway Lee like the others quickly became known around the school after fighting many students and that has given him a lot of enemies.

Lee unlike the others is the most trained in fighting since he was training in various forms of martial arts since he was a child. Lee has a nickname among the other boys as being called the legman since he loves to kick more than punch and is able to perform a wide variety of kicks from Roundhouse Kicks, Bicycle Kicks, Dropkicks, Superkicks, and Standing or Jumping Kicks to the front and back of the head. Lee unlike the others has a very patient form of fighting, always letting his opponents throw the first blow and countering it with devastating moves. Lee is also a very athletic fighter being able to counter almost in strike and grapple through agility and speed. Despite not being the strongest or largest of the group Lee is able to hold his own just as good as any of them.

Louis "Mercy" Ramirez

Hitman Strike Team Reaper of Brutality

Description- Mixed Hispanic and African American male with long black hair that touches the back of his neck and black eyes.



Older Brother of Trip

Weapons of Choice

Scythe or Axe M32 Grenade Launcher M4A1 Assault Rifle Glock 23 Remington 1100 Shotgun

Abilities (BOD Series)

Telekinetic Physical Bond With Scythe Tentacle Heads Protruding from Back Telekinetic Dome Pressure Coffin Pressure Burial Bending of the Body

Aura-Dark Purple resembles Flames

Brothers of the Dead

Before Outbreak: Mercy was born in Austin, Texas. Mercy's father stepped out on him when he was young and his workaholic mother wanted him to have a strong male figure in his life so she started dating and met another man who quickly got her pregnant again, but after telling him she was pregnant the man walked out on her and left her with Mercy and his younger brother Trip, after that Mercy's mother swore to never be with another man again and that left a void in both Mercy's and Trip's lives. As years went by the health of their mother soon failed to the point where she was unable to work, leaving Mercy and Trip to drop out of school in order to take care of their mother but they quickly learned that providing medicine for their mother was more money then either of them made, so the two quickly became low street level drug dealers until their house was broken into and they were presented with an offer to join the Brothers of Brutality Motorcycle Club.

Joining the Brothers: Joining the Brothers at first was a very mentally challenging task for Mercy since his father was also a member of the club but Mercy quickly shunned his father and became a loyal Brother and very skilled murderer for the club, a trait that got him with his Brothers in prison.

After Outbreak: After discovering the world being plagued with dinosaur Mercy was like a child in a candy store because now he could fill his lust for killing without any consequences.


Before FFP: Mercy was born in San Antonio Texas along with his Brother Trip. His father was killed before he was born and he holds no memories of Trip's father. The two brothers were very known around the town as being very violent and dangerous and was sent to Ellis Island after they viciously beat a UWA Soldier who was harassing their mother. While at Ellis Island unlike Trip Mercy was not backing down and always fought anyone that stepped to him, a trait that got him sent to the hole on numerous occasions until they were sold.

After FFP: Mercy is one of Mark's most loyalist soldiers and like Mark loves to do suicidal tactics to get to his enemy.

Anthony "Trip" Tripplet

Asshole Strike Team Voice of Brutality

Description- Mixed Caucasian and African American male with short auburn hair and brown eyes

Age- 24


Younger Brother of Mercy

Weapons of Choice

Crossbow FN FAL Bowie Knife Glock 23 MP5K

Abilities (BOD Series)

Worlds Best Shot Vision Similar To a First Person Shooter Energy Manipulator Creation of Protective Dome Energy Fused Arrows Scales Dome Physical Bond to Crossbow and Bowie Knife

Aura-Dark Gold

Jason Kozik

Innocence Strike Team Child of Brutality

Description-Caucasian Male with long blonde hair and blue eyes


Height 5'7

Weapons of Choice

Sickles Boomerang Glock 23 AK-47 M60 Light Machine Gun

Abilities (BOD Series)

Redirector Physical Bond to Sickle and Boomerang Energy Absorption Enhanced Strength


Francis Ryan

Former Vice President Former Strike Team Leader The Misguided Brother

Description- Caucasian Male with short black hair and black eyes



Weapons of Choice

Hammer Glock 23 Mossberg 500 M16 Carbine Brass Knuckles Dagger

Abilities (BOD Series)

Immense Strength Almost Infinite Supply of Director Energy Physical Bond with Hammer Director Regeneration Four Whip Like Tentacles on Back

Aura- Dark Green

Jean Palmer

Former Gang Enforcement Detective The Sister of all Brothers The First Female Brother

Description- Tannish skinned female with short auburn hair with creamy white banes and green eyes



Weapon of Choice

Machete M4A1 Assault Rifle P99 MP5k Power Glove

Abilities (BOD Series)

Copying the Abilities of Ones Touched Taking of Memories of Ones Touched Editing Memories of Others All Abilities of the Brothers Raptor Transformation Various other Copied Abilities

Aura- Pure White

Lincoln "Link" Mackey

The American Savior The Perfect Soldier The Blueprint of Perfect

Description- Muscular Caucasian Male with short blonde hair and blue eyes



Weapons of Choice

Thompson Submachine Gun Glock 23 M16 Carbine AK-74u Pocket Knife

Abilities (BOD Series)

Great Tactician Skilled Strategist Enhanced Human Strength, Agility, Speed, and Stamina Lack of Fear Weapons Specialist

Zachary "Zach" Hacklander (Coming Soon)

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