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Hello! This is Mistrelia of the Ice, who is a Fanfiction writer as well, under the same username.

So! A few things about myself. First off, I am a twenty year old woman whose job is talking on the phone all day. Not a fan of it, but it pays the bills. Secondly, I am a very excitable and happy girl who loves reading happy romance stories. I will also admit, I will immediately skip a story if it has terrible grammar or is one giant run-on sentence. I can't help it. Another note, I am the oldest of ten children (I always say ten even though only six of my siblings are alive and I only really know three. Despite never having met the ones that aren't here anymore, they still have a place in my heart).

Anyway, to list a few things about me:

Nickname: Snow

Birthday: March 2nd (Pisces! :D)

Height: 5 Ft (I live in a world where I've never reached the top shelf of anything...)

Ethnicity: Native American (Algonquian to be exact. Never heard of it? Look it up.)

Sexuality: Bisexual. Pride all the way!!!

Religion: Wiccan

Political Status: Democrat

Nature: Quirky, Excitable, Tolerant, Emotional, Steadfast, and last but not least, Full of Confidence but Has No Self-Esteem (See if you can figure that one out).

And now, time for hobbies!

Reading: I completely love reading and I tend to enjoy my incredibly quick reading speed. As I've said, I love reading happy romance stories. The story can really be about anything as long as it has an overall happy tone. Honestly, I've had way too much tragedy in my life to come onto here just to read sad things. That doesn't mean I like fakeness though. Romance and Humor are great, but I like when a story is emotional and real...but once again, happy is what I'm going for.

Writing: So yeah, I write...A FREAKING LOT! It didn't actually occur to me how much I write, but let's just put it this way...so, I found a family tree website. Now, the stories I write center around a large family of rich, but interesting people, however, each family member has their own storyline and all the storylines intertwine in some way. Now, I never actually counted how many characters I had, so as a joke, I decided to fill out my characters' family tree, starting with the head of the family...I'm up to 64 characters and I'm not even done. Mind you, each character has their own storyline. So yeah, I write a lot.

Singing: Okay, I am not a naturally talented singer. I'm not tone deaf, but if someone asked me to sing right now, I would suck. However, I have proven that if I go to classes and practice, I am a learned singer. So, as long as I practice and take lessons I can sing but not naturally. It kinda sucks, but it doesn't stop me from enjoying a loud tune at 3 AM :D

Music: Music is my huge hobby. Not making music or anything, I have no talent there, but I have yet to go a day in almost my entire life without at least one awesome song playing. Seriously, when was the last time you went a day without music? We're all addicted! :D

Cooking: Okay, let me just say, how does one fuck up cooking? I know people who can burn water, and it honestly fascinates me. But seriously, I pride myself on being one hell of an excellent cook. I mainly learned because I had friends who hosted midnight tea parties. It's where we (7-10 of us) would sit in our host's beautiful dining room at a long mahogany table, the only light coming from many candles, and we would all wear our best Victorian/unusually nice clothing and drink tea or coffee while discussing affairs. Eventually at around three am when we would wind down, I started cooking for everyone because we'd all get hungry around then and I sort of got good at it. I'm not sure why, but now I've become a person that'll cook an eight course meal if I have a guest, but makes cereal for myself. I'm also almost always feeding one of my friends so that keeps me from getting rusty. I find cooking helps me think too.

Tarot Reading: The cards have always been my dearest friends, and I consider myself quite practiced in the ways of tarot. The tarot card that has always represented me was The Fool Card.

Gardening: I don't do it as often as I want to (mostly because the soil and weather tend to suck where I live) but I do know that every time I've tried gardening I've been good at it. I love feeling the Earth in my hands and tending to the sprouting plants as if they were children. I mostly love growing herbs and spices; things I can use in cooking or meditation.

Cosplaying: Now that I have the money, I quite literally am finding every reason I can to wear a costume.

So yeah, I'm a pretty simple and laid-back person. I tend to talk too much and rant and rave about everything, but honestly, I put my heart and soul into my friendships, as well as whenever anything concerns the people I love. I am incredibly tolerant. I hate that this is a trait that has to be established because the best thing you can do to make yourself a complete dick is to judge somebody over something they can't control. I also take my friendships super seriously. I don't use the word 'friend' often. I don't care if I've known you for years. You are not my friend, you are my acquaintance until deemed otherwise. In my opinion, friends are people you will die for. Best friends, however, are people you will be tortured for.

Anyway, enough morbidity. I am a person always looking to enjoy meeting new people, so if you find me an interesting enough person to talk to, feel free anytime!

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