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Hello sweeties :). Alright my name is Scarlet, I'm 16 years old and I live in a wee town in the middle of a desert. Seriously we get like. 1/2 inch of rain a YEAR! It's crazy. So yeah. uh my favourite color is green, my second favourite is purple and my third is blue. But my mom wouldn't let me paint my room green so instead it's purple. I love superheroes and Doctor Who. Especially David tennant. Uh. My favourite superhero is iron man. Oh and I love to read. I can read up to 20 or more books a month. I've done it before. I used to play softball but then I turned lazy and stopped. I also turned to the dark side otherwise known as drama club. Yeah I'm a drama geek. If you ever meet me you'd see this because I'm absolutely insane! I also have really bad spelling because I hate putting the effort into it. I hate specifically writing a prompt because then the person who grades it grades off of their own view of If it's right or not and they're subjective even if they aren't supposed to be. So yeah... I hope you enjoy my stories that I like to write and have run reading!