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Information for Life of the Assassins

Houses are like sororities. Each new student displays their skills at the beginning of the year and the houses decide who to accept and who to reject. Each new student must have a house. Houses include the Perplexes House, a group of highly skilled and highly exclusive kids. They are known as the top ranked house. Their is also the Screamie house. They are a group of meat-head bullies who use brute force to win. They are, of course known, for power. Their is also the Moose house. They are known for being weird and having the kids who no one else wants.There is also the House of Brains. They are the smart kids, duh. Finally there is the Velocity House, known for speed.


Full Name:
Goes by:
Height/ Weight (relative)
Country (only two people per country):
*Favorite Food:
*Favorite Color:
*Favorite Drink:
*Favorite Place:
*Favorite Activity:
Intelligence (scale 1-10):
Athletic ( scale 1-10):





Full Name: Mercy Hachette
Goes by: Mercy
Age: 10
Grade: sixth
Gender: female
Hair: long and red
Eyes: green
Skin: Caucasian
Height/ Weight (relative): short and scrawny.
Clothing: A pair of blue jeans and a red t-shirt
Country: America
*Hobbies: tree climbing, eating
*Favorite Food: mac and cheese
*Favorite Color: red
*Favorite Drink: hot chocolate
*Favorite Activity: tree climbing
Intelligence (scale 1-10): 6
Athletic ( scale 1-10): 6
House: Moose
Talents: climbing, knife throwing

History: She came from a family of assassins so not learning to fight wasn't an option. The rest is to be revealed later.

CaC: Deuce Danger by Command and Capture reviews
SYOC (18/18) now closed! My second SYOC game where you send in your own player to brawl and survive against the others in a haunting arena with scarce supplies and superpower serums. The only piece of advice given by the host of the show, three words, the haunting phrase that no one understands: Deuce is Danger.
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