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Hey random person! I think I'll start off with my working novel trilogy called "Crestfallen". Four books will be written in total. I've managed to find a publisher willing to publish the series, and I've saved up money from my Sweet Fifteen to get the series published. Now that the publishing stage is complete, it's being sold live on Amazon! n order for it to be sold in stores, there need to be 100 or more reviews on the amazon page. I would really appreciate the support! (Sorry to some that I had to take story down from fictionpress after the official publishing due to copyright reasons and whatnot).

I've also got another series coming up called Untold Fantasy. It's about a girl in our modern realm who can travel through mirrors and into the medieval realm while she's asleep. It's a Sleeping Beauty spin-off, but I am NOT copying the original movie.

Stuffz about me: I'm 15 years old. I listen to rock and heavy metal such as Evanescence, Within Temptation Skillet, Red, Sick Puppies, Three Days Grace... and the list goes on forever. (I recently became a fan of Kamelot, and I'm glad I found out about this band. They've spoiled me!)

I've also got a fanfiction account. Same username.

My twitter: @ Gaby _ F 09
Follow me, if you dare e.e

Untold Fantasy is being updated on JukePop! There's a contest for all Camp Nanowrimo participants. Clicky this linky to read and vote up! If it manages to win, Untold Fantasy will also be available in paperback! (It's the cash prize to help me publish.)

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