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Email - [email protected] (don't roll your eyes at the name - I made it when I was like 12)

Twitter: @TARDISbluu - This is honestly my preferred method of contact. You can also keep up-to-date there, if you don't want to or can't follow me here. :)

Alright, so I was re-reading my original profile that I had here, and honestly, it seemed a bit depressing, so I'm changing it...

Hello! My name is Natasha (though I usually go by Tasha, you can call me whatever the crap you want - I'll pretty much answer to anything), and I'm from a small town in Texas, USA. I'm a bit of a plain Jane, so there's not really much to say about me. However, I'll do my best to show a bit of who I am, for you.

I was born on November the 16th, year 1997. I grew up (and am still currently living) in a loving, Southern Baptist, conservative Christian home. It certainly wasn't perfect, by any means. My dad was a bit bipolar in his attitude - you never knew how he was going to act, and when was younger he had a frequently razor-sharp tongue that had the enormous potential to slice your emotions and feelings of self-worth into shreds. He's grown up a lot since then, though, and is generally a calm, happy person. My mom has always been incredibly amazing, for as long as I can remember, and she's the type of mom that if she cries, she makes all of her five kids want to cry. Yes, she has five kids, including me. I have four completely awesome brothers, ages 28, 26, 25, and 21... My parents weren't exactly expecting me to come along (I was born 4 and half years after the last one lol).

I, like my second-to-oldest brother, am a grammar freak. You might be thinking, "Well, you don't exactly have the most perfect grammar in here..." and that's true. I guess I'm not really so much a grammar freak, as I just prefer that the average person's grammar be at least mediocre, and not this "hey so there wuz like this one guy that i rlly like n hes so hot its ffin crazy" - that just drives. me. crazy. It really, really does. I may or may not say anything to that person that writes like that, but that doesn't mean it doesn't get on my nerves.

I plan on going to community college for the first two years of my college education after I graduate, then I plan on moving on to university. I'm not exactly sure what university I'll be going to, yet, but I may go to University of North Texas (UNT), which in in Denton, mainly because my grammar-freak brother lives there and I want to be close to him, and not only that, but also because I can get a full degree in English/Literature there. I plan on possibly being an editor... I have tons of fun editing other people's writing.

My philosophy/theology is bit different in some areas from the Southern Baptist's, and the general conservatives that live in my area. For example, I'm a supporter of the Equal Rights Movement (a.k.a pro-gay marriage) (and that's from a Biblical standpoint - ask me about it if you're interested in how I can support that from a Biblical standpoint, because it would take way too much text to put in a profile), there's nothing specifically wrong with cussing (though some people do it so much that it's an insult to the English language, in my personal opinion - and this is also from a Biblical standpoint), and drinking is not a sin - drinking so much alcohol that you don't even act like a human being anymore, is. So, yeah. A bit different from the strong Southern Baptist conservatives around here, lol.

I specialize in writing short stories, drabbles, and one-shots. I just don't really have the discipline and patience to write something longer than say, 15 pages, I'm afraid... I'm working on it, though. No, seriously - I'm literally working on a book (that is supposed to be a full-length novel when I'm through with it), and fanfiction story that's going to hopefully be around 20k words... Yeah. We'll see how that goes. Lol. (Oh, and by the way, the novel that I'm writing? If I ever finish it, I'm going to post it on here and maybe WattPad, too

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Pride's Entreaty
"Lend me love, And lend me grace. Let me not fall, e'er Saving face. With the wind, And with the air; Let me go with Undying flair." Second and third stanza out of six.
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