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Hey, the name is James. I'm not much for describing myself and making great profile posts about myself or anything like that, but I hope you guys enjoy what I write regardless.

My favorite anime's would have to be Naruto series, S-Cry-Ed, Break Blade, Kaze No Stigma (even though it will never be completed), Cowboy Bebop, Hellsing series, Eureka Seven, Fist Of The North Star, and my all-time favorite would be Samurai Champloo.

Samurai Champloo was just pure genius to me and the fact that the late Nujabes did the music for it only makes it that much more beautiful to me. Fat Jon, Tsutchie, and Force Of Nature also contributed collaborations with Nujabes on a bunch of the music for it and well...that's just a bonus with icing on the cake to me.

My favorite manga however is Worst, Tough, Dogs: Bullets & Carnage, Tower Of God, Area D, The Breaker and The Breaker New Waves, Girl the Wilds, Amatsuki, Samurai Drive (even though it uploads at a painfully slow pace) Iron Knight (which uploads even slower than that), Tale of Eun Aran, Kiss x Sis (normally not much for romance but it's pretty good), Kanokon (also one of the few romance manga's I liked), Lessa The Crimson Knight, Black Haze, Aphorism, Black Cat, Samurai Deeper Kyo and thats all I can think of at the moment.

For games, my top favorite games are Radiata Stories for PS2, Seven Samurai 20XX for PS2, the entire Fallout series, the entire Dynasty Warriors series, and the entire Samurai Warriors series, which this includes the Warriors Orochi series, and The Last Of Us for PS3.

That's the usual stuff for me as far as interests.

Other bits include I've been writing since I was 8, and was always complimented even then at that young age. But, never took it serious until I was 14 or 15 maybe. Nowadays I switch back and forth between the same handful of ideas but have never really struck out to write them. I guess I keep thinking there's always tomorrow. This isn't really true. You're never promised to wake up alive in the morning, and that's a painful lesson to learn and even more painful when you realize that age also doesn't matter.

Current Works:

1) Crete City

Works Eventually Coming:

1) Dream Eater

2) Man-Slayer

3) Battles In The Courtyard

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Rental (2)