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Is there a point? Probably not. I'll have offended most of you by the time you even think to read this . Or if I haven't yet, it only means I haven't really spoken to you much or lately. Is it on purpose? No. I have a warped sense of social skills since most of the people I called friends in the past are either all dead, or spending long prison sentences. They were good people that just made the wrong choice at the wrong time. Of course the media doesn't agree, but I've ceased spending any time trying to argue that point anymore. Nobody cares unless if affects them personally. Maybe I'm the same way. I probably am actually.

The things people find insulting within open debate threads, it makes them feel the need to call someone a hate mongering individual. I no longer have an opinion on any of the aforementioned topics regarding debate's. I purged myself of any opinion since it does not align with the majority who want to resemble angels and saints and hide their own dark and biased natures, whether it be a large one or a minor one. I do not wish to play the devil alone any longer. Not once does anyone ever stop to think why anyone may have this intense dislike for whatever topic is being discussed. Not once do they wonder what has made them so heavily in opposition. No, they just write it off as ignorance, arrogance, prejudice, or whatever excuse they come up with in the next four or five seconds of meager thought. They never seem to realize that their is most likely a deeper meaning. No, they never have. Most likely, they never will. They won't care either, since labeling people are hate mongering is so much easier, and less time consuming. It's just so easy isn't it? I am not a saint, and so I won't try to play as one. Why can't most of you do the same?

I'm no longer bothered by it anymore however. If anyone reading this has ever spoken to me on here before, believe that this no longer has anything to do with you personally. After all, you're all only names on a screen right? So am I. No one will ask me the meaning of this profile post, and I won't feel any bitterness about it. I'm only a name to you, and you are only a name to me. Long distance friendship is temporary and fleeting, and it is designed to fail over a period of time, whether it be on purpose or otherwise. Am I negative? To you, maybe so. However, it is only because I see reality for the harsh and cruel creature that it is, while others wish to be coddled or have their hand held. I don't understand such a response. I don't think of it as a weakness to want to be treated as gentle. No, for some it is useful and helps them grow stronger than even people like me. I can't say either way because I don't know how to respond to such a theory regardless.

We all have skeletons in our closets. To deny that you do, means you are a liar and I despise you with every fiber of my being. If you truly don't have any, you're too young to understand, and therefore your lack of experience means that your words are meaningless and pointless to this conversation. Sit back and stay silent until otherwise. Those who want to pathetically and wretchedly play innocent and saintly are a corrupted, festering blotch of filth on the fabric that is this very world. I have quite a few such skeletons, and I feel the guilt and regret of them on my shoulders daily. They howl, roar, scream, and snarl at me in my every waking moment. They often won't let me sleep. They have made me nearly illegible to be diagnosed as critically insomniac. Or at least borderline if nothing else. People are meant to accept their faults, forgive themselves or at least others whom were negatively involved as such, and then move on. I can't seem to do either one of those two paths, and so here I am. Awake with plenty of time to write since it's too late into the night to do much of anything else.

I don't understand people. I don't even understand myself. I'm very observant, and I can pick up on the most subtle of actions that people fight and struggle so hard to deny and/or hide. I read faces wonderfully. Often, I can even pick up on hidden emotions on the very words that people type and post on this very site. When they say they are fine, I can sometimes know they are lying. Do you believe me? It doesn't matter if you do in all honesty. I don't care either way. Well, I've ranted. If anyone has read it, they are now either wondering if I'm crazy, or deciding in the next four or five seconds I mentioned, what stereotypical label I should be given and stuck with. Without any evidence might I add. It's just so easy to do though isn't it? No effort is required at all. It's okay however. I expect nothing less out of you, and nothing more.

However, if for even a second, you decide to private message me about any of this, remember this: Do not ask a question you aren't willing and capable to handle the honest answer to. Everything has a consequence, whether good or bad, with good or bad intentions.

Of course I'm not particularly mindful of this at all. I have no expectations that anyone will ask me anything, or give any of this a second thought. In fact, if you've read all of this, you've already completely surprised me and defeated my predictions. But still, after all, we're all human aren't we? It's just so much easier that way am I right? It's okay. I find nothing wrong with it. We're all wretched in our own ways, some more subtle and harmless than others.

Of course I'm not above this either. I'm just as human as you are. I'm not intentionally a hypocrite and I try to avoid this claim like the very plague itself.

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