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Hi! My name is Mandy, and I'm from Canada! I love teen fiction, and since I usually update REALLY SLOW, I'll probably write one shots more. I also don't write lots of words.. Even 1 thousand words is a difficult number of words to reach. If you have tips, just let me know! ;)

Country music is my favorite genre of music. Taylor Swift is one of my role models... Her personality is so bright and amazing. She's also a fantastic songwriter.

I love to read! The Divergent Series, the Infernal Devices, and many others... ;)

There are lots of cool fiction stories here on this site, so I made an account! ;)


Long Term Stories:

Elite: Chapter 4 complete. HIATUS

Special thanks to Werewolverine for being the first to review my story...

Also, thank you for all the people who decided to check out my stories!!!!!

May or may not start a new story... Considering it. ;)

One Shots:

Always the Kiss: Complete.

What I Have to Live For: Complete.

An Invitation To Misunderstandings and Danger: Complete

Thanks to beverlyamethyst16 for being the first to review! ;)

All I Wanted Was a Choice: Complete

THANKS SO MUCH to ChaChaChicka who is amazing, and decided to review! ;)

Alone: In progress... Part one completed.

Thank you so much for reviewing and letting me know how this story is doing: RoboticPhoenix & MayaLala

Thanks to all the wonderful readers for Alone. Part two will be up after July 21st! I have a busy schedule after my vacation and all my classes... ;) Thanks for all the support and I'm sorry if this is a problem. ;) Mandy

Emerald: Complete

This was very fun to write! Thanks to those who reviewed! ;)

Ephemeral: Complete

This was inspired by a music video. The dancers were so beautiful and it made me think of lots of things. ;)

The Secret to Life: Complete

This was just a short story I wrote about two people who love each other but can't be together. You can guess more about who the characters are. ;)


I stared into the mirror. My best friend Kathy sure did a good job. I looked natural, with the bronzer and slight blush. A little eyeliner, but that was it. At least I didn't have layers and layers of makeup caked onto my face. I always hated girls that looked like that.

"You look stunning!" squealed Kathy. She was waving a curling iron and standing behind me. She went on to talk about how everyone will love me tonight and how many guys will want my attention.

Rolling my eyes, I headed over to step into my new heels. Granted, I have no idea why I even agreed to go to this… party. I mean, I wasn't even invited. Kathy was, but that's beyond the point. The party was for grad students, and yes, I did graduate this year, but it was for students that were- Fine. I'll just say it. Popular students. Even though I protested, I finally gave into the pressure. Because my friend sure can persuade people. I knew that the only thing that made her defiant on going is because of Gary Harmen. It all comes down to a guy. That's the sad, sad, fact in all girls at Lakeview High School. The girls are all pretty much pathetic, soft-hearted girls. A real treat for the guys.

"Helen!" I looked up, seeing Kathy glaring at me impatiently from outside the limo. Yes. Limo.

"Get you head out of that journal before I rip it into pieces myself!" she hissed, smoothing out her hair.

Let me tell you that Kathy can be a total bi- She can be a little cold hearted. As one of the most popular girls ever, she's used to getting the guys. And she knows how to look presentable. Apparently, writing in your journal isn't.

I stepped out the car, waving to the driver before being dragged off into the house. Looking at the pounding music and gyrating bodies made me dizzy and want to throw up.

"Hey Kathy, I'll be at the kitchen." she gave me a look. "Umm… I'll grab something and I'll see you later, alright?" When her grip on my forearm loosened, I immediately slid away and rushed to the fridge.

Sighing, I grabbed a bottle of unopened water and headed down to the basement. No one goes down there, and I always end up the only one there. It was where I went whenever Kathy dragged me to her parties. It made sense that I always end up "disappearing" because I was more of a nerd than anyone. I liked to read, not have fun and get drunk.

"Hey! What are you doing down here?" a male voice said coldly.

I looked up, seeing a tall guy around my age. I tried not to gape. Man, he looked good.

Shaking away my daze, I gave him the same look. "I can ask the same."

He laughed suddenly. "Attitude. Anyways, I happen to live here. So, sorry that I'm hanging out at my own house."

I frowned. "Why is there a party at your house and you're not running it?"

He groaned. "I'm not really the party type, I guess. My brother is, though. Gary Harmen, heard of him?"

"Yeah. My friend has the biggest crush on him." I blurted out, before slapping a hand over my mouth. "Wait. Your brother?"

The guy that is maybe Gary's brother smiled at me. "Yup. David Harmen, at your service."

"You're kind of weird."

David laughed again. "So direct. I like you."

Although he probably only meant it as friendly, friend-like, I couldn't help but feel my heart speed up. Man, what was this guy doing to me?

"So why is a pretty girl like you hanging out at this cold basement?" he waved his arms around.

Pretty? He found me pretty. II could feel myself blushing. "Umm… I come here every time my friend comes. She actually parties, though."

This is just a bit of a story I was thinking about writing. What do you guys think? ;)

Thanks for reading my profile, and if you haven't already, check out my stories!



Twitter: @mandyf13

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