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This will probably be one of the biggest project I would be tackling. I hope you enjoy it as much as I love and frustrate over writing it.

I apologize for the time gaps of when the next chapters of my stories are released. I know it takes quite a while sometimes and are inconsistent. I'm writing as it comes to me and me and my editor are often too busy with work and school. I hope you guys will continue reading and give me input of what you think as the story develops. Thank you so much for all of your supports.

Okay. So, I've said very little of -- well, myself. I am a fairly "private" person, I suppose, but, nevertheless, my bio:

I've graduated from California State University, Los Angeles with a Bachelor's in English. I rank myself as a decent writer, definitely not the best and most certainly have a lot to work on. I am also fairly terrible at self-editing. I have also taken a lot of writing classes (from fictional, non-fiction, and poetry) and they never really provided the things I really needed, which leaned more towards the mechanical side of English, such as grammar, tense shifts, and the likes. I do like writing even though it always stabs at my pride and self-confidence, but I do plan to publish one day, like so many others.

I appropriate everyone that reads and leaves reviews. It really helps a lot in making my stories better. I do try to edit and clean the chapters up before putting them on here, but myself and my editor are fairly busy. I'm working on a second degree, while my editor is working on their first.

I plan on working and finishing "Our Secret" (working title), first before moving on to the other two stories I have lined up here.

All works are not final (until they are physically published into a book...then it is out of my hands..)

Our Secret (working title): Hugh Colin, a twenty-seven years-old math teacher, has been working for four years at one of the top and most influential private high schools in that region, T-high. Due to his youthfulness, most of his students viewed him more as a friend than a teacher. He didn't mind that as much, but what troubled him the most was a hand full of under-aged girls, sometimes not even his own students, confessing their love to him. Within the first year of teaching alone, he learned the terrors of high school girls all too quickly. Never in his life did he expect to find himself tossed into one of the worst turmoils: falling in love with the sixteen years-old Valedictorian and student body president, Rozalee Wite. Constantly battling between his desires and integrity with absolutely no help from the events in his life, which one will win out in the end? (The story is currently under edit/reworking. The length the story might get longer or shorter [most likely longer].)

Imprisonment: (This story will be going through heavy editing and revision, thus will be put on hold for updates for a bit. Sorry about that.)

Moonlight Revenge by BunnyChoi reviews
Assaulted and murdered, Lulu reanimates as a skadegamutc to seek revenge against the man she thought she trusted. *WARNING* Rated M for mature due to material such as sexual assault, gore, murder, and violence.
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Our Secret reviews
A 32-year-old prof., Mr. Colins, still reminisces of the girl he had left behind when he was 27, convincing himself it was for her own good. Yet, he can't help but regret letting her go and his memories continues to haunt him. What would he do if there is a chance of a reuniting after five long years? (A/N: Revised when needed. Story is MA. Thank you Bunny for Book Cover).
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You know how people tell you shit just happens when things go lop-side in your life? Well, I guess that is the only way I can summaries my life when I finally started to live on my own. College life was suppose to be great, but, what can I say, shit just happens.
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Imprisonment reviews
(Inspired by BunnyChoi's "Moonlight Revenge") Amy Dillman, a freelance photographer/journalist, stumbles across a man that does not exist, Scott Vogel, and is determined to get to the bottom of his involvement with some corrupt politicians, only to learn a little too late that it was a story that might cost her her life. Will she get out of this unscathed?
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Taken from the King Arthur legends, this tells the story of Merlin as a youth discovering his abilities and swears vengeance against Uther Pendragon as Merlin and Uther goes on a bloody war over the future of Camelot. (This is a work in progress and chapters/stories will be continuously edited).
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Rozalee reviews
At the age of seven, Rozalee had been pulled from her home to an unknown world. Now she has to find a way to survive on her own with what seems to be no hope in finding her way back home. (A/N: There will be many revisions and edits for all chapters if need as the story continues.)
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Merlin raises the future King of Camelot, with her unknowing her own birthright. She is forced to play a boy and rule as King, determined to keep Merlin alive as the Knights prepare for his execution. How will she win their loyalty?(A/N: There will be many revisions and edits for all chapters if need as the story continues.)
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