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My name is John Christopher. I write literary fiction, novels of ideas. I have always been a writer, ever since the age of fifteen I have taken it seriously. Writing should be taken seriously, if it is to be done at all. I am an introspective person who is generally consumed with his own thoughts, and my writing reflects this. I believe in living a quiet contemplative existence, and often find myself at odds with other people. I find many to be too loud or too busy for their own good. People, by my estimation, are generally absorbed by common things, living lives of the flesh, concerned too much with the material, and not taking the time to consider questions of significance. They are spiritually and philosophically underdeveloped. They generally don't form their own values or opinions, but naturally gravitate toward social norms and values which are acceptable to them. I question everything and take nothing for granted, nothing is acceptable to me- some might find me to be cynical, or radical, but I am an individual, and write in the spirit of an individual. Everything I express I have found out for myself through experience and thinking it out. I create my own values!

I believe in living a life of resistance/non-compliance/opposition. Our culture is a pollution. I despise politics and religion- I have no need of these things to define myself by. I don't follow and will not be led. I will not be manipulated! Politicians and preachers, or any person who seeks power or authority over people are my enemy. I do not believe in gurus or spiritual guides- I go my own way. I have many enemies for this reason to be sure. It is better to have enemies than friends, and a character of strength wants only the strongest enemies. Certainly, the State and the Church are good and powerful enemies to have. I don't believe in God or the State, and find both to be repugnant.

Politically, I am not active and do not believe in being active. I refuse to vote. I will not take part in these contests for a majority. We are all slaves in a democracy to a majority opinion. They force everyone under their flags and banners. I abstain from the political, and fear and loathe their power. A moral man cannot help to be disgusted with power and politics, it is the most destructive force in existence. They are brutal machines. I am not a good citizen, and do not believe in being one. I am more anarchistic, and will not have my independence threatened. I will not be part of the machine! One cannot have pure freedom, but in his mind, and as long as the press is still free, I will have my voice heard- or else will shout out into the wilderness nonetheless. I despise nationalism and patriotism. I don't believe in America, and am not a flag waving imbecile. I don't believe in heroes, and would never serve my country.

Because of my rebelliousness and temperament I have often lived alone, and this is the best way I have found to live. Isolation and loneliness are the cross and thorns of the original thinker. I do not like groups or community, and will not be part of any organizations. For this reason, I have a real hatred of corporate structure, or anything structured to be honest, and find it intolerable to work for a leviathan company. I will not have my life regimented. My only heroes are those who challenge convention and are rebels. Rebellion, every damn day!

Writing is my escape. It is only through writing that I find I can express myself in any way. I am an artist, and feel that this is the only way to live. Only through art can one challenge and create new values. Only through art can a person truly express himself, and though there is no perfect medium, writing is my chosen form. I write as honestly as I can, and hold back and hide nothing. I believe in being honest with myself. It is my willingness to challenge my own values which makes me unique. It is through writing that I hold everyone, including myself, accountable. I find our culture to be morally bankrupt, and since God is dead we must replace our moral guide with something. I believe that every man must be his own moral guide, and that we cannot appeal to tradition or authority in order to find our way.

I am not a perfect person, and am far from it, and have many flaws of nature. I work on correcting these, and am a moral perfectionist. I cannot allow myself to be corrupted like other people. I will make of my art something beautiful and unique unto itself. I will go my own way as an individual, and hopefully by making my own path through the desert, I will inspire others to do the same. Art is the oasis.