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This is gonna be my anti-bullying and anti-discrimination against those who are mentally ill, lgbt people, disabled people, and so on, and so on. I am taking a stand against bullying and discrimination. My other account on here Just Like the Rain where you can check out my non-bullying related poetry. I suffer from obsessive thoughts, have been attracted to the same sex, have felt myself to be part cat and in the wrong body, and I also have an amazing twelve year old sister who was born with cleft lip and palete. No one should judge people based on what they look like, how they think, what they wear, what religion or race they are, etc, etc.

I am a PROUD member of Be The Voice!!!!/groups/305475686216315/permalink/394529647310918/?notif_t=like

Alot of these so far are personal stories of mine that will deal with the bullying/mean comments I have recieved in life. I have recieved mean comments about being gay for a girl named Caroline P., I have recieved mean comments for thinking I was a cat and calling myself transpecies, I have recieved mean comments for my obsession issues, I have recieved mean comments when people thought I was 'gay' for Tiffany L. (they were right, but still...), and I have recieved mean comments for alot of things. But people do not know the struggles I have been through in life. The people you are bullying and are saying mean stuff about also have a life and their OWN life struggles so think before you make fun or tease others. Teasing others doesn't make you look cool! It makes you look mean and downright degrading. It makes you look like a bully, so think before you speak! 3-8-13- I will be busy today due to a therapist appointment at one. Take care, stay beutiful, and help me with the battle against bullying. Send me a PM if you all got any bullying stories of your own to share. Share if you've been the bully or if you've been bullied and with your permission I'll share your tale.

Take care,

God bless,

Gabby (Abi)

P.S. Tiffany L. is also the same one that used to be in my BFF group 3 or 4 months ago just to let you know. I invited her to the Be The Voice group back when we were still friends cause she had been bullied alot growing up and alot of the other kids called her T.P. (cause of her last name) and thought it was funny. I know how that feels alot of people sometimes used to call me Pooter or something like it anyways cause of my own last name. Idk whether or not she ever accepted the invite, but who knows. She used to be a great member in the BFF group I'd say, so if she did Be the Voice would be lucky to have her.

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Cyber Bullying reviews
This is a snit bit on cyber bullying. It is not finished yet, because I have therapy today at one with Robin. Most of my essays so far has been about me, and issues in my own life. This essay and the others to come are gonna be more against bullying and the stories of other people who have been/are getting bullied. Send me a review with your stories of cyber bullying today!
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Having Obsession Issues and Dealing with Bullying From It
Bullying is never right! Many times the obsesser is BOTH the bully and the bullied. This is my story of my obsession issues and how I am gonna do EVERYTHING in my power to get help for my obsessions. NO one should have to deal with an obsessive pest! I do NOT wish to hurt those I obsess over, and unfortunatly thats what happens. I am sorry to those 2 who have had to deal with it.
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Stop Discrimination Today!
Help stop discrimination and bullying today! First of many more poems and essays to come on the subject of bullying and discrimination towards people of all shapes and sizes.
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