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OKAY!! I have changed my name on here once again and that site is still just getting started (I've kinda given up on it since there are like no hits) and I have very little time, so I might not get to it for awhile, but it will contain Gundam Wing, Tenchi Muyo, Sailor Moon, and even some Dragonball Z!! I have written a book that is 156 pages long, and it is called The Crystal Warriors. I am on my second book which is called The Crystal Warriors: The Past Returns. (That's done) I'm in the middle of my third and 4th book now. I had such a good idea for my 4th book that I had to start writting it. They may be long, but please read them and no stealing of the ideas! Um... I would have to say Sailor Moon is my favorite show, and Tenchi is second, because that show is just so funny!! I also like Gundam Wing a lot and they are very good people to draw for fanart and stuff. I am starting to like Dragonball Z escpecially the new episodes. My birthday is September 11. I"m sure you would like to know and just so u all know I don't really watch the boob tube as much anymore. Just occansionaly will I watch it and merly it's Toonami. I welcome all your ideas, but please no flames, because how would you like if I wrote you an e-mail saying your story sucks??? That's life though... If you would like to please e-mail me, I always like to make new friends, (guy friends...) especially if they have the same interest as me!! Thank you!!
4/??/01 It's been a long time, a lotta stuff has change and peoplez have sent me reviews requestiong more chapters especially to Trouble at the Masaki Shrine, so tell you guys this, but I like totally have Writers block on it, so I decided to make that the last chapter!!! SORRY ONCE AGAIN!! I just posted a new story called GW Gang In A MAnsion, I think that's what I called it. Geez... It's like 1 in the morning. I need sleep. OOOOO and I am workign on the third chapter to GW at DMS!! And it's gonna be totally twisted, because me and my b/f broke up, twice (yeah I know it's sad) but hey, better for me to be hooked up with one of the GW guys, right?! And ya know what's really sad?? I still kinda like my ex even though we've just gotten in a large fight and I haven't talked to him in over a week, of course, he is also in Florida, but he should have been back by now... I wonder if he'll call me... Hmmm... I doubt it, but hey... The last I know, was that he still liked me, but then we got in that fight... so who knows... Wow this is long, well I"m bored and I just felt like talking to all of ya who have even gotten this far down my profile... I'm so proud of you guys!!! not really... Okay sure... If anyone cares to listen to my b/f problems feel free to e-mail me at Moondragons44@ if I haven't already given my e-mail out. I'll tell you the whole story, it's long, but maybe enjoying... I have no idea... My favorite character in GW is probably Heero or Duo, they're the best and then my favorite character in SM is o geeez I forget her english name... Well Sailor Uranus... and then my fav carachtherheiht whatever in Tenchi is probably Ryoko, she's coo, and in Dragnball Z is Goku or Gohan, they're the funniest... yeah I guess. I also like the show Friends, my fav character in that is Chandler!!! He's hilliarous. and then there's um... the Harry Potter books... O read those long ago... they were good... I guess... I dunno who my fav character is... DO you guys even care? Have you guys even read this far down my profile? or are you just schimming down it and now stopping when I am actually talking to you about something useless?? Or maybe by now you're reading one of my stories, fanfics, whatever. Or ya know you coudl have forgotten all about me and left me here to type about usless junk and just go on and on about how bored I am at 1:15 in the morning, and I really need my sleep but I am not really tired. And then there could be that you're not even paying attention, because you're too busy IMING one of your friends who seems to be more important than me right at the moment. THey probably are... O well... I'll keep going. And then you could also be at a totally different site by now, because you decided reading my profile would be boring and you went someplace else to be entertained, for all we know it could be porno!!! Ewwwie!! You sickos!!! That's bad for you!!
You could also be checking you mail, because maybe someone more important than me sent you something and you had to tstop reacing this just so you could go checking your precious mail!! It was probably a chain letter and you're reading it, thinking your wish will actually come true, then after days of waiting, it still doesn't come true, then go home cry to mommy that ur wish didn't come true, so you go to your room and decide to sob into your pillow because your little crush didn't ask you out and you just want everyone to feel sad for you, but right now I don't because those chain thingies never work and being stupid me I actually tried them a few times... That was quite dumb!!I can talk a lot, can't I? I should write a fanfic like this? It would be neat now wouldn't it???? Yes it would!! hahahahahahahhahaha!! Maybe I'll do that, but maybe not right now, because I don't think, I am even suppose to be on the computer I mean it's 1:20 in the morning and did you realize that it only took me like barely 5 mintues to write all that becuase it's really 1:14, I just rounded it to make you guys feel special?!?!? YEs!!! I AM SO GOOD!! And my stupid ex made me get a life and hang out with him so I stopped writing for awhile there, cause do you realize that when you start to write stuff like this and watch Anime stuff, you haev no life? You wait all day in school to go home and watch Toonami, but you get home and like 2:30 and you haev to wait for liek and hour or something to come on and I don't remember when it starts, because I think I have a life now and I don't watch it as much, and then as you wait you could be playing with your Sailor Moon dolls or drawing fanart of Quatre and Duo to be put on Toonami so people can see your lovely work of art?!?!? And then when it comes on you spend the next couple or so hours watching it till you are completly and utterly brainwashed to love Anime for the rest of your life and you go to bed thinking of Duo or Heero or maybe Gohan and then you dream about them and for all we know they could be wet dreams... Ewww... And when you wake up you eat Anime cereal and then you brush your teeth with a Sailor Mars toothbrush and you put on A TenchiMuyo t-shirt and jeans that have pokemon or something ironed onto the butt!! And you put on your dragonball Z tennis shoes and you pack your Sailor Moon bag with Gundam Wing folders and Sailor Venus pencils in a Tenchi Muyo case and right before you leave for school you take one last look at your very large poster of Duo on your wall!!! And when you get on teh bus kids make fun of you and say you have no life which you don't and you wait all day for school to get over with so you can go hoem and play with your Gundam Wing mobile action figures and listen to your Sailor MOon music untill Toonami comes on and the next whole day is a repeat of what just happened!! And this is how you will leave your life till the day you hit 89 and die of having a heartattack because you thought Zechs died in Gundam Wing!!!! :P Wow, I can go on and on and on and on, I really should do a fic about that!!! That would be coolio!! Hehehehehehhehehe... I am having way too much fun!! Well it's about time I go, maybe I will write one tomorrow everyone who is opsefhsjgjbfoih obsessed with Anime have funn dreaming about Goku... PLease Review my fics and goodnite to you all!! Buhbye!!
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