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Hello People!!

I am very happy that you took the time to look at my account thingy. :P Any way, please review any writings I have posted, it's a great help to me and you can introduce a plot twist if you want :D I may or may not use it, depending on what it is. As you can tell by the lovely pic, I am a girl. PLEASE PM ME IF YOU HAVE ANY REALLY GOOD STORIES!!!!

I usually write supernatural type stories!! They are just more interesting then the boring 'he met her at this place on the way home from school' kinda crap. _

Pro's and Con's


- I like to think up unreadable plots (at least to me they seem unreadable)

- I think my stories are quite interesting

- I'M AWESOME (you know it's true ;P)

- I play video games ( mostly computer games, not saying I'm great at them tho :P)


- I super suck at spelling ( use context clues if you don't know what the word is )

- I am a dumb blonde, soo... yeah... :/

- My grammar is also kinda bad, sorry :(

Welp, I think that's good for now!! . I wish you all happy readings!! :D

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