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"We live in a time where everyone has to be classified in a category, whether in race, gender or sexuality, but we as people fail to realize that we're only human. When the world can see pass race, gender, sexuality, religion, etc. and just say that I am human, then will our world start to move forward and become one."

- Anonymous

...I'm caramel brown

...Country and loud...

...Ghetto by terms...

From the dirty dirty South...

And now officially an undergraduate graduate who's got her bachelor's degree.

Hello to all and welcome to my page. I am JaDeCe!

I am all about spreading PeAspora!

Wait... what now?!? I know what you are thinking. PeAspora is the combination of Peace and Diaspora which means the spreading of peace worldwide, something I came up with.

Anyway I hope you all read my stories for the joy of it and be happy. Stay beautiful.

About me

Hmm.. I've been writing since I was around fourth and fifth grade, before then I told stories through drawing. I'm a pretty goofy child, acting like I'm five when I'm grown. So if anybody want to surf down some stairs with me, (I have done that) then by all means, meet me at the top step. Hehe, but I guess that's all I have for now, so yeah.

Also don't be scared to email me to chat or what not! I like talking to new people.

Enjoy yourselves and have a blessed day

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After an accident at the Bon-Odori festival, Yamada Asuka is starting to see a new world…of dead people. As her powers start to grow, her mortal enemy, Sumiwara Yuki, also faces a life-altering transformation. (Check my profile for the poll "Who's Your Favorite?" XD)
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Elicia Vasavilli, Captain First-Class of the Holy Order, is called the Raven-a harbinger of ill fortune. A mission to a lonely mining world brings her and a mysterious anti-magical man into a dangerous chase across the Galaxy: to the root of all Magic, the creation of the Church, the long-buried Truth, and to the most powerful magician in all of Space.
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The story of a band of survivors adjusting to a new post-apocalyptic world overrun with the undead. Rated T for language and mild zombie slaying violence :) Sorry the cover art is sideways, it's the computer's fault not mine!
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First volume of two. Now that the vampires are on the brink of extinction, the werewolves set their sights on eliminating humankind. David, a werewolf sired by a traitor, was raised by humans and calls a vampire his best friend. At the age of 18, he meets his own kind for the first time, and must make a life-changing decision. Slash (M/M)
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Humanity has always been the cause for its own destruction. Past mistakes continuously remade. However, now humanity has a new enemy outside of itself, a colossal monster that brings forth destruction, Calamity. Hikaru seeks the power to end Calamity and its wraith, join him and his friends as they travel the world in search of their salvation.
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Alundra was a vampire hunter who did her job well. Then she met Jack, a vampire who turned her into the very thing she was trained to kill. Now, she not only has to deal with adjusting to her new life, but also deal with the remnants of her past life.
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Essay on Fiction Writing & Writers by Fox Trot 9 reviews
These are my thoughts on why people post stories on this site. Believe me, the essay is WAY better than the summary. I promise! I pinky-swear it!
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Soar high with Dove Clan reviews
Dove Clan is just a goofy, wild family of Magic's living a bland life of mundune missions and same routines. However, this families basic life is about to be changed forever all because of... an egg? The journey that awaits these Doves is long and gruesome, as they unlock mysteries and fight crazy battles with their number 1 rule in the air: To always keep family first. (Vol. 1)
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